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  •   • Team Dedicated Solders TeamSpeak 3 Server Rules •


    • The rules described and their ban duration lengths are provisional and subject to be overruled by staff discretion if required. They are in place to make this server enjoyable for everyone of all ages.

    • Staff always reserve the right to impose punishments justified by their own discretion. This means that punishments may be issued for violations that may not be explicitly outlined in the rules bellow.

    • A failure to comprehend this is no excuse and will not be tolerated.


    • Section 1: General Rules •

    1.0 • Respect all users in the server, this rule especially applies for staff members. If you do not know how to live around people, this isn't the place for you.

    1.1 • Users who fail to display adequate maturity will be removed without hesitation.

    1.2 • Be polite, no excessive swearing, verbal abuse or harassing other users.

    1.3 • Do not annoy other users in any way.

    1.4 • Recording whilst in this server will not be tolerated.

    1.5 • Pestering staff for permissions, user groups or channels will not be tolerated.


    • Section 2: Mild Offenses •

    2.0 • No use of graphic/offensive material, offensive names/avatars or links to websites designed to shock or offend.

    2.1 • No music spam or other sounds intended to irritate or offend another user (this includes sounds that may not be intentional e.g. eating with microphone active).

    2.2 • Any use of voice changing software/hardware will not be tolerated.

    2.3 • Any form of advertisement regarding external websites, servers etc. will not be tolerated.

    2.4 • No spamming messages or senselessly flooding the chat in any way.


    • Section 3: Serious Offenses •

    3.0 • Posting malicious website links will not be tolerated.

    3.1 • Abuse of power will not be tolerated.

    3.2 • Racism in any way, shape or form will not be tolerated; this includes but is not limited to aggressive, intimidating, defamatory or discriminatory content on the grounds of religion, race, colour, ethnic origin, gender or sexual preference.

    3.3 • Staff impersonation will not be tolerated.

    3.4 • Threats against users, members, staff or the server will not be tolerated.


    • General Information •

    • Disputes or issues between users in the server must be reported to a staff member immediately and appropriate action will be taken to resolve the issue.

    • Complaints regarding staff members must be brought to the immediate attention of a Founder, Leader or General.

    • If you have background noise or echo, make use of the 'push to talk' feature or it may be forcefully imposed.


    • Penalties and Appeals •

    • In the majority of cases staff will attempt to warn you that your actions are unacceptable. However, staff may issue instant punishments without warning.

    • Punishments are at the complete discretion of staff, ie; given a user's history the bans may be longer in some circumstances, the section below is a guideline for lengths.

    • Ban appeals can be submitted via our website.


    • Ban Lengths •

    • 1 Hour - Violation of section 1.

    • 1 Day - Violation of section 1 and section 2, serial and repeat offenders.

    • 1 Week - Violation of section 1 and section 2, serial and repeat offenders.

    • Permanent - Violation of section 3, serial and repeat offenders.

    • Demotion/permission revocation - Violation of any section, serial and repeat offenders.

    All ban lengths described are outlined as a guide. Increased severity towards a defined rule breach will result in a penalty that may be scaled appropriately to suit the punishment at the complete discretion of staff.