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  1. ArmA 3 Exile Server Changelog 19/08/2016

    You have been doing some great work with the ARMA 3 Server Koala Thanks heaps it is very much appreciated
  2. EXILE server ideas

    I have noticed the Boat Spawns on the Tonoa Map have been spawning the boats on land This besides being frustrating can sometimes result in your death and loss of money from the purchase. Can spawn locations of purchased boats be adjusted? Also I think it would be handy to have another Respawn point added to the map lower left island say Lai Lai I think it is called
  3. Can You come to TS Please


  4. If I haven't already said it, Thank you Timmay, Awesome sig man
  5. Racing Drones

    Hahaha Too much Fun Neg Good Luck with it mate

    Wow Very Nice Car Apple Did you get it from Brisbane Mercedes? I used to work with the current dealership manager there, a guy named Michael Lowe. He's a nice bloke. We worked at Zupps together at Mt Gravatt. I hope you enjoy your new toy just watch out for the
  7. quickly just photo-shoped some dayz images, hope you like!

    Thank you Timmy My New Sig looks great
  8. quickly just photo-shoped some dayz images, hope you like!

    Good Work mate I like the first one with the CZ
  9. Hey Bud if you want to make a Forum Sig for me that would be good too. As you know I play a lot of Arma II DayZ but anything interesting would be good thanks
  10. I"M BACK!! say hi!

    Hello Timmy Welcome back mate It is good to take some time out every now and then and it is even better when you can come back to something you love doing. Good on you for having the courage and wisdom to know when to walk away and when to come back
  11. Placed a Safe down at 113078 no probs but could not Unlock it or pack it as a test Weather Raining and storms ?? Lack of High Loot Spawning or No loot spawning in some Berezino Motor Pool Buildings Humanity Reset from Monday to Tuesday back to default 2500 132085 Air Traffic Control Tower No loot Spawning at Sol Barracks 134091 Loot not spawning in Buildings Server Countdown Timer Missing (Red Admin Messages Working however I was warned of server restart timings only to find server had not restarted when I reloaded into it and the Mission I was at was still there and very actively hunting me)
  12. Server Framerate/Login Problems

    I did read what you and I stand by my original If you weren't such a Penis at times and You (ClontarfX) actually talked to the correct powers in charge around this place and convinced them that you are not such a Penis also, that you are not a threat to stealing players to a "potential new server of your own" and most importantly that you were actually a Clan Member of TdS, then perhaps you would be included into their optimisation of the server discussions and "hands on" changes to server settings. See how you go talking to the right people at the right time, Perhaps set a meeting time with the right people and apply for a position of who knows what. You might just get the result you are hoping for but it all starts with talking to the right People. FYI I have nothing to do with TdS Policy or procedures but I can understand why and when some are listened to and others are not ..... just saying
  13. Server Framerate/Login Problems

    It is ARMA II DayZ
  14. Hey Hey :)

  15. Hello Team Dedicated Soldiers!