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  1. Merry Christmas!

    Howdy all merry Christmas, Hope you all get what you want. Sorry for all my mistakes so far and i promise to be a good boi from now on. Sincerly, Jack
  2. Funny as

    Ahh... Wont let me embed webm's :L
  3. Funny as

  4. Thats fine, You can contact me on Teamspeak under "Jack" or you can PM me on the forums for skype or email address. Sincerly, Jack
  5. A little bit about me!

  6. Howdy

    I think im pretty good at it, I do LUA,HTML,PHP,MYSQL DATABASES,Linux Setups,C#,Java,Javascript and some SQF
  7. Howdy

    You are the definition of cancer.
  8. Howdy

    Hello Everyone, I'm Jack a 17 year old gamer that loves pc, I am loving this server and I really like the people/admins here. Ill give you a bit of a background story on me. I am enrolled in a Software Development Diploma Course, My whole computer life has been programming really. I've been programming since the age of 12 and I have programmed some things I am not proud of that have lead to AFP Officers at my door . Anyway enough of that shit. Kind Regards, Jack ((P.S If there's programming that needs done you can message me and i may be able to help if no one else can.))