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  1. sector B

    upload the video, or maybe just a highlights reel if you feel like doing some video editing
  2. sector B

    More like sector D, for only douchbags will attempt it. We had a 6 man team lost near 2 mill in vehicles and it took about 5 hours to clear. 3 to clear enough to get an Armed vehicles helo lifted in side then on the new reset to comback a clear the outside again and get in the BTR60 and mop up the rest inside. And for what? 4 urals full and garbage. You seriously need to rethink sector B loot. I put in 1.2mill myself for the expedition and got absolutely nothing back for it. not to mention everyone who was there at there own expense not getting payed too. If you don't upgrade the loot to something fantastic like 1 ural full of metal floors the the next cinder walls then a truck fill of cheytacs. It's just not worth forming a possee and initial out lay to even attempted it. It's not like you can sneak in and raid a rual into a backpack and sneak out. theses AI will head shot you through the smallest gap and you won't evrn knoe they are there.
  3. Remove the rain on tavi

    I enjoy the rain, but as it recks the FPS and the view distance via the fog that sticks around forever I saw remove it. If it didn't persist all reset it would be nice
  4. Taviana Bugs

    If no one joins the server after reset it won't show as active. But once you join it will start
  5. Tavi banking

    safes won't reset to 0000? how long before there deleated?
  6. Tavi spawn locations

    There's currently too many spawns in the north east coast I feel they need to be spread out more to get full use of the map. These are my suggestions red is current spawns and blue is my suggested removal and replacements. Purple is an extra i think is needed. The 4KM exclusion zones need to be looked at too because once you lose a spawn location it can be a 6KM bike ride over a hill just to get where you need to be.
  7. Tavi banking

    I'd like to see some kind of banking system in place so if I go AWOL for a while I have a reason to come back to the server because with the current system if I don't play for 2 weeks and all my safes get pilfered I've lost it all and have no reason to return to TDS. I propose you add 1 hard to reach banker so players have an option for long term storage, all other easy access money will still use the current system. This should keep everyone happy as it still allows for stealing others money and promotes the use of money storage as it's an inconvenience to get to the bank but also allows for more casual players to secure there cash if needed. Here are my 3 suggestions. Red - castle georglev It's way out there making it a massive inconvenience to get to and a bank in a castle would be kinda cool. Blue - random island any random out there island would do I just selected this one because of it's size and location Green - Tavi zoo If you wanted it on the main land but still in the middle of no where this would be a good location
  8. BAN APPEAL for J-wizzDate: 10/1Time Approx: 11.30pm[TdS] Server: [TdS] Overpoch ServerMap: taviPlayer Name: J-wizzReason: -Read Rules: YesAdditional Comments: relogged so I could buy a backpack and when I tryed to join I was kicked for #0 then trying to join again it just says you were banned. TDS members in teamspeak tell me this is a glitch that happens some times. Could you please rectify this.
  9. Taviana Bugs

    buying a boat the boats spawn a couple of hundred outside safezone and out to sea. makes for a long boring swim
  10. Hunger Games Admin event from last night, video

    Event was a lot of fun it could have used some better streamlining preparation to get it started though.
  11. Remove the TWS

    I've been playing dayz for years and think I have some pretty solid strategy's for dealing with campers both base and mission and there's no better weapon then good communication within a team. But the TWS's ability to ID targets so quickly and cleanly leaves you no where to hide. A solid team would have a spotter with a TWS sitting back over 1k or up in a tower and never fire a shot just directing teammates to the bight white dots.
  12. Combat logging glitch

    A friend of mine just started playing on the server today and every time he gets shot at or unconscious he get's kicked for #334 and it says he combat logs. Anyone know how to fix this? his in game name is "g form" this is him logging in after he was already kicked once
  13. Remove the TWS

    The TWS scope is way to over powered for a regular overpoch server and with the amount of sky basses on this server with people just camping up there all day in the high volume mission spawn zones you don't have a chance at sneaking around to counter snipe or ever completing the mission. I think it takes a lot of fun out of the game and should be removed, how does the rest of the community feel about it?
  14. Respawn menu

    New to the server and loving most of just one suggestion here to improve the whole experience When you die have it send you back to the character selection not all the way back to the lobby. I've seen this implemented on other servers and it works really well. We've all been there waiting for character to create, waiting on server authentication just for it to time out and have to start the processes over again. These are problems with your dedicated server running out of bandwidth so resetting back to the selection screen avoids having to log in from the start. P.S some banks close to klen and bash would be nice too P.P.S Reports on gear not saving, old server i played on had this problem too something about not getting a player ID properly when logging in so nothing you do during the game is saved to the data base. This is a random glitch and had nothing to do with server population. But was fix by making a script to check and reassign an ID on login.