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  1. BAN APPEAL for Defecat0rDate: 03 Dec 15Time Approx: 2300[TdS] Server: [TdS] Overpoch ServerMap: Player Name: Defecat0rReason: KamikazeRead Rules: YesAdditional Comments: I saw a powered up heli on a base and shot at it with my armed little bird. It was my first time flying one, and i noobed out and crashed it when i switched to first person view. Nobody asked for my side of the story, I found i was banned when i attempted to log in the next day. It wasn't intentional, I'd appreciate the ban lifted, thanks
  2. Ban appeal

    Hey, i got banned Thursday night for kamikaze, see this post: http://tdsclan.com.au/index.php/topic,6637.0.html Nobody said anything to me in game, i just attempted to join the next day and found i was banned. My side of the story: I saw a powered up helicopter on a base, went first-person in my littlelird to gun at it, noobed out and crashed into the base (first time flying an attack-littlebird). It wasn't intentional. I'd appreciate having the ban lifted, thanks ^_^