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  1. I've found out you can still play bf2 and ranked! I've been playing on my account Mattyboy101 from back in the day Rank and stats and all! Brings back so Zombies.. c4 and arty! BF2Hub.com Here is link to how you can! if you go here i been playing again its fun! Be good to see a few more friendly faces! Miss you guys and gals! Hope to see you all around in some game! flick a message or i can join the discord and we can have fun! Hope to catch up and have some fun games! Ill join the discord! hope you speak to soon! Cheers Mentalfreakk or Mattyboi101
  2. When your Bandwidth is maxed in your area.. Back to the stone age for me i can hear that dial tone
  3. Quake Champions

  4. Big Hello I am Mentalfreakk :)

    No arty to keep me at bay now or C4 haha
  5. Hello to the family of [TdS] it has been a while but i am back and back for good unless you all are sick of me already I shall see you all round i play many games don't be shy come have a chat and a game i don't bite unless requested. I shall see you on the shooting grounds Cheers [TdSr] Mentalfreakk
  6. Dayz bases pics

    They Look SICK!
  7. Conan Exiles - Whats to come!

    A taste of what's to come! 15 FEBRUARY - COMMUNITY MANAGER (ANDY B) Happy Valentine's, Exiles. We have a special treat for you! We've been paying close attention to your feedback over the past couple of weeks, and are working to release the biggest patch the Exiled Lands has seen to date! Look out for this patch in the next couple of days: Performance and Tech fixes • Fixes to loading screens • Server Performance Fixes • NPCs should be less jittery when rotating • A fix for connecting to servers via the steam server browser and when using steamconnect • Buildings should now load in much faster • Placeables placed on foundations and ceiling tiles will now be saved correctly • Several improvements to how rocks behave when they are harvested General Bug Fixes and improvements • Small Placeables will no longer claim land (!) • NPC Camps now have their own land claim to prevent people from building so close to them that they stop spawning NPCs (!!) • You should no longer get phantom duplicates in the wheel of pain • T2 Altars should no longer disappear • Surrender should no longer break early when using fists • Removed invisible collision that was blocking a certain chest in the world • Arrows will now longer shoot in “Random crazy directions” • Ranged weapons should now always fire correctly • Rhinos should no longer try to walk through players • Palisades will now correctly deal damage on contact • Palisades should now be easier to place • Fixed a case where players were able to destroy rocks with their fists. Sorry, but this privilege is reserved only for Conan himself. • Fixed an issue where interactable objects would spam “Press E to interact” on the GUI • Added an arrow to many placeables to help players orient them correctly • The Offering of Mitra recipe now correctly requires 1 human heart and 1 unblemished meat • Fixed an issue with stair placement detection • The Gong and the Horn will now be audible over greater distances • Added new emotes that can be learned by tracking down Story NPCs and getting them to teach you Balance and Gameplay Fixes • Some feat requirements have been simplified or removed. For example, it is now possible to learn Journeyman Craftsman as soon as you hit level 10. Due to the impact of this change all players have gotten a free feat respec. • Ansel will now respect collision preventing people from moving through walls and other structures • Non Admins will be restricted to 2 meters of movement when using Ansel • Balance pass on Bows. Simple Bow range has been increased, Hyrkanian Bow range has been dramatically increased. Crossbow range has been reduced but they now shoot much faster • We have done an overhaul on what monsters can damage which tier of buildings. If you haven’t upgraded from sandstone you might want to think about doing that. • Increased crafting XP across the board with greater increases for crafting more complex (higher tier) items • Inverted Wooden Roof Wedge and Stonebrick Frame now require Journeyman Craftsman instead of Master Craftsman • Black rocks in the starting desert are now harvestable • Higher grade tools will now yield higher amounts of secondary resources (Bark/branches) • Resetting your Knowledge Points will no longer cause you to lose your selected religion • Removed Corruption sources from starting area caves • Removed the Regen component from Purified Meat. This perk is reserved to Mitra's Ambrosia and Healing Potions. Purified Meat is still an extremely good food source • Player corpses can only be harvested for religious purposes once every 30 minutes • Balance pass on the amount of materials requires for basic chemistry potions • Armor drops removed from chests • Emus will now give less XP Visual Improvements • The Dogs of the Desert finally got their uniform shipment and will be donning their new outfits • Visual adjustment to the Medium Tasset to reduce clipping issues • Visual adjustments to the Setite Choker and Shendyt to reduce clipping issues • Cutless and Falcata have had their icons updates • Visual flair added to several hairstyles • Visual improvements to female heads We hope you're as excited as we are to get these changes live. Thank you again for being with us on the journey that is Early Access! -The Conan Exiles team
  8. FTTN install

    Its not to bad it does the job
  9. CONAN EXILES!! Theres goes my life again :)

    holy! wow oops my computer spazzed! thankyou!
  10. Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game, in the brutal lands of Conan The Barbarian. You are an exile, one of thousands cast out to fend for themselves in a barbaric wasteland swept by terrible sandstorms and besieged on every side by Enemies. Here you must fight to survive, build and dominate. Hungry, thirsty, and alone, your very first battle is that against the harsh environment. Grow crops or Hunt animals for food. Harvest Resources to build Weapons and Tools. Build a shelter to survive. Ride across a vast world and explore alone, or band together with other players to build entire Settlements and Strongholds to withstand fierce invasions. When strong enough, march forth into battle and wage war against your enemies as you fight to dominate the exiled lands. Sacrifice enemy players on the altars of the gods and shift the balance of power your way. Unleash your fury in savage, fast-paced combat and execute bloody and bone-crushing attacks that will see heads rolling and limbs flying. Survive Journey through a vast, seamless world. Explore crumbling ruins and uncover the history of ancient civilizations. Fend off hunger, thirst, and even insanity as you explore dark dungeons filled with monstrous creatures. Escape scouring sandstorms and bloodthirsty cannibals. Gain knowledge to craft new items and build stronger structures. Unleash your savage fury with brutal attacks that will see heads rolling and limbs flying. BUILD Harvest anything from rocks and wood to rare minerals and human flesh. Use forges, workbenches, tanneries, and more to craft tools, armor, and powerful weapons. Construct a home, a fortress, or an entire city using the incredibly powerful building system. Build on almost everything, from ancient ruins to towering mountainsides. Craft a wide variety of furniture and decorations to customize your home and settlement. DOMINATE Wage war on enemy players, blow up their city walls, and take control of the Exiled Lands. Capture thralls, break them on the Wheel of Pain, and put them to defend your settlement and craft rare items. Build an altar to your god and bring them offerings to earn their blessing and rewards. Summon and take control of towering avatars, and see your enemies driven before you as you crush their homes and their legacy.
  11. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    Tryed to join pve server kept getting session lost

    Sounds good to me
  13. Show us ya specs!

    DDR4 Ram 3333MHZ