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  1. Comeing soon SCUM

    This looks interesting, i like there take on camouflage....... www.scumgame.com
  2. Hi Res New Map

  3. Hi Res New Map

    well come for a visit and steal mine will be done in an hour or so i'm off for the rest of the week
  4. PUBG Videos

  5. Dead Matter

    This looks good
  6. Survive the Night

    Looks interesting, but a little clunkie with the animations.
  7. Hotblacks car - a work in progress

    As for whats to come, stereo is finished need to fix some rust in the roof some minor dings and scratches in the body then repaint the car then maybe engine mods.....
  8. Hotblacks car - a work in progress

    well let's say i paid retail prices which i didn't, with all the labor costs which is the killer you would not get much change from 20k.
  9. Gaming Chair

    So i decided to bite the bullet and forked out for a new chair, seems comfy enough though the seat is a little hard but i'm shaw that will soften up with time.
  10. Gaming Chair

    its leather but can throw a towel over it
  11. Looks interesting

    Early access 24 Of March
  12. The Future Of Conan

  13. Walking Zombies

    Why? Why? Why? Walking Zombies are a joke, why even bother having them? Fast zombies have been a part of this mod since day 1 and are what made it a popular mod in the first place. If you can't handle them perhaps you should change your style of play, i have not died to a zombie attack in years and that was only getting trapped in a room with 10 at once, they are not that hard to avoid, they also make you think about where and when you attack other players and Ai. I say bring back fast Zombies and stop whining about them.
  14. Arma 2 server wipe vote

    Meh! what ever.....
  15. Loot/helis

    People have it too easy these days, Nothing like spending 4 days to find the parts to fix the only Heli on the map and then take off and crash it cause you get not time to learn how to Fly ahhh the good old days.
  16. EXILE server ideas

    What extra packs do we need for this server if any? like exxtra weapons and crap
  17. arma 3 map

    Sorry to sound like a naysayer but we have had 2 arma3 servers that ended up not being viable due to low numbers and not enough donations to keep it going. How is this going to be different? as for map the new map would be best.
  18. Server Ideas

    Removing the Fog would be nice, i don't find it a hassle to much. i think an improvement would be to remove the option to change the view distance maybe have it permanently set at 1200 mtr thus removing people who camp at missions or in bases from having those easy long distance shots.
  19. Changes made to Cherno server

    Only one way to find out! can always be put back to 2hr if a prob