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  1. Bf2, one more time!

    good old ribby hay !
  2. Mouse Matt

    now that's 1 BIG mouse pad !
  3. first game

    downloading ts now (at 12kb/s)
  4. first game

    finally got into steam today but it says i have no gifted games ! (smokey gifted it to me)
  5. speedtest

    yeah we've got mobile reception here now but isn't mobile data limited & costly ?
  6. speedtest

    double WOW
  7. speedtest

    WOW that's all I can say . couldn't even get a down or up
  8. first game

    well I had my first game of bf1 last night . pretty good fun ! I had 2 rounds & started off with a ping of 45 in the first round but by round 2 it was 999 so had to give up but was fun while it lasted
  9. pc build

    pc' up & running . downloading bf1 atm.( been going at it for 12 hrs now & up to 18%)downloading at 250KB/s.steam wont let me in so pubg will have to wait

    welcome back old & grumpy !!!!!!
  11. pc build

    I've already ordered the mobo & cpu
  12. pc build

    I don't know how much a new pc will help
  13. pc build

    It did take a few days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. pc build

    yeah rinse Ive got pubg but cant play it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. pc build

    Thanks Zombie