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  1. Taviana ideas

    Boys it's wogstache here pretty much on behalf of the all the boys you gotta put a militarized server with, you're competing with other militarized servers!!!!! make it like half militarized no big powerful tanks and shit, just like btrs and and stuff idk
  2. Ban Appeal - DeccoThe Gekko

    That's hilarious 7 day ban good decision admin you did a great job man thanks for being the sick doggy you are love u dude hahahhaha
  3. Wogstache

    HAHAH fucking oath I am! But I'm a lovable idiot aren't I?
  4. Wogstache

    Hello friends and enemies it is I wogstachy, as zombie and skippy like to call me wogalicious, I've come to realise I'm an absolute monster in the nato little bird and destroy countless amount of people on a day to day basis and it's just not fair. Now I know half of the TDS community even 3/4 can't kill me if I had broken legs, 100 blood with 1 bullet of a glock and they had 12k hp and an as50 but that's besides the point, and that's the reason for the constant "ban attacks" on myself. I've realised any time I kill someone they'll find any excuse to get me banned and use it against me because that's the only way to get rid of me. Now I love TDS and do follow all rules with the occasional "taking banter to far" but hey it's dayz, so I've designed to resign from the Australian airforce association and decided to maybe stick to ground vehicles to stop everyone crying. Thankyou for your time. FYI I do run lessons 1 Hour - $45 2 Hour's - $80 These lessons include How to be a good pilot How to troll noobs My lesson's do not include how to camp a base for countless amount of years living in your own sweat, those lessons are specially run by xecuter. Once again, yours truly Wogstache, king of kings.
  5. Wogstache ban appeal

    I did say "sh!t" but it changed to poo haha
  6. Wogstache ban appeal

    Sup gents as some of you may know I have been banned for "24" hours which was quickly revoked but Skippy didn't know how to unban me straight away so obviously left it. If you don't want me on your server please pull me up and tell me I'd appreciate it Zombie.. Ever since Skippy has been given some sort of power I've been kicked multiple times and banned. Yes, I DO talk shit but so does 97% of the servers population especially the little sooks that dobbed on me, not sure if there older than 30 (which some of them are) or little school girls.. but that's besides the point. I'd like to talk to you zombie because I don't want to play a server where I'm clearly unwanted by the admins (Skippy).. By the way yesterdays ban started from me not being in TeamSpeak when you apparently asked, with all do respect Zombie, I'm 18. I do have a life surprisingly and I was out on Saturday night, what right does Skippy have asking why I wasn't there to meet your request. Lmfao. Now I already know the outcome of this post, as I was an admin to (unfortunately) you're obviously going to back him up because that's what team mates are meant to do which I totally respect but fuck dude, been admin for 3 days and kicked/banned half the damn team. Not one of Xectuer's team mates has been banned/kicked or even WANRED. This is unlike myself to cry on the forums because it's a game but shit I can't say or do anything without thinking of the precautions before every move and it's quite annoying. So as I said I'd like to speak to you Zombie and you only, don't want anything to do with Skippy because quit frankly he doesn't know how to be an admin. I'd be surprised if I wasn't banned off the forums in a couple hours to. Cheers for your time fellas, looking forward to catching up with you. Ps please teach Skippy how to unban, chur
  7. A few issues/questions.

    Firstly stop crying, a gun is a gun.. go get another one.. Base material despawning? Go grab another 1 wall from your safe and repair it. Oh the server struggles with 35 people? either donate some money to upgrade the boxe or stop crying sook. As for bases you're a sook so none of it matters.. all you do is complain buddy. Grow up, and down around the waste big fella.