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  1. BF4 (who has the expansions) poll and the TdS server.

    Working on getting premium for BF4, as I am noticing a vast improvement with the game. I would rather be enjoying my new game of Titanfall. However due the the lack of popularity on PC, there is hardly much up time on the Austrailan servers. Which is a shame since it is such a great game. Anyway back to BF4, hope to be schooled by you veterans sometime soon. NYTRO
  2. [TdS] Competition

  3. [TdS] v [mfp] BF4 8v8 Scrim 17th December

    Well I suppose I can leave the recruits and join in with the real war. Not sure how a private will go, hopefully I'll be taken care of by all you veterans. Hopefully I'll make it out alive. Count me in.
  4. Let's REVIVE BF3 server!!

    Ok fair enough, I just thought I could help out here and put sime effort into trying to get it back up. Anyway I thought I'd make a one final attempt to try and get people back on our server. Limit the Conquests to around 300 tickets per side. Drop Team Deathmatches win scores to 50 or 100. Make conquest every 3rd map. I understand this is a long shot and it probably won't revive the server but I think its worth a shot.
  5. Let's REVIVE BF3 server!!

    Ill admit BF3 is not quite worthy to be the next addition after BF2 and rather should be Bad Company 3. However, for those of us who still enjoy BF3 for what it is (despite its many flaws), wish to try and get our server populated again. So I'am going to agree with GiB and get our BF3 server up and running again even if it means that I become a BF3 admin. As I am on most nights and am not always playing in or on our servers I will be happy to help change the maps and put through any voted decision. In terms of getting the server populated again I would: [*]Place all of the 32 and 64 player server maps - with all game mode types. [*]Make sure all the rules for the server/ game mode are continually scrolling through. [*]Also some guns do need to be banned for some maps and some need to be banned altogether (under slung M26 Mass just while it is glitched) So yeah I agree very much with GiB with a little added extra. Nytro.
  6. good games

    Yeah just kit weapons only Scud.
  7. Brand new TDS site. HOOHAH!!!

    [float=left][/float] Since the recent changes of the past few months and the coming of the new year, an overhaul of the website was well in order. The new design is primarily thanks to our excellent web designers [TdS] negative_energy and [TdS] Lt.BROWNCOAT who put in countless hours into revamping and making important alterations to make it what it is today. It features: Current status of all our four servers: Battlefield 2, Bad Company 2 and two Battlefield 3 servers Successful fusion and update of our old forum to have a consistant theme and features of the new site. Information on members and admins (Who they are and what their access level is) Social media has also been integrated. That's right if hoohahing wasn't enough you can now like posts and threads on our site for Facebook or add it to your Google+ page. The BF3 Leaderboard for the clan is also available for those need extra ego boost. Why so serious? Its just a game. Automated forms for joining [TdS] and reporting troublemakers or lodging ban appeals. What this means is, with the standard posts, a vote can also be called so that the "committee" ([TdS] members) can pass judgement. Tread carefully. MINEFIELD Last but not least the NEW logo. Under revision... [float=right]http://tdsclan.org/Themes/Battlefield_3_2/images/theme/Ammo%20or%20Health.jpg[/img][/float]Anyway, enjoy the new site and as it is still in production, supportive criticism is always welcome. Thanks to all who made the site what it is. That's the news for this week, hope to pass you a clip of ammo or a bandage on the battlefield. Nytro Alterations and changes will be frequently happening of the next few weeks, UNDER CONSTRUCTION.