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  1. Dayz server -new provider

    ^that and we keep getting these constant frame drops (freezes) at the same time, so whatever it is its server-side.
  2. Dayz server -new provider

    Also 40slots now Thank you
  3. Ryan

    I also hear he's quite set, but can he oxy-weld underwater?
  4. Server Ideas

    Please remove the fog.
  5. [TdS] Server Outages

    Rip 30 mill and our sexy kab base.
  6. Server Framerate/Login Problems

    Yea ive noticed this. I could before easily play with 3km view range with 40+ frames. Currently i get like max 30 frames with 3km viewrange.
  7. BlastCore/JSRS Mod Support

    Will this require people to download the additional mods? If so, lets not cut the pop anymore with these
  8. What are the details regarding him? I always knew he was dodgy. i never understood how he got some a huge score in gametracker all the time.
  9. Will this include in dayz because he's the same dude who combat logs on us.
  10. tds overpoch cherno AU thorts

    Double the price of armed helis??? The current prices are standard, why would u change them.
  11. tds overpoch cherno AU thorts

    @DV8 so u mean literally every dayz which has bases shouldn't have based because big groups build big bases. Okay. Regarding the loot tables are u talking barracks or missions? The current barrack loot tables are ridiculously good atm, which i think is probably good in this late stage of dayz most players rather have pvp than spend a while gearing up. The mission loot tables have always been pretty good, it just needs fine tuning for each mission. I have plenty of suggestions for them all if jim is willing to implent the changes.
  12. Chris (AI) Camping stary trader :(

    Lmao killed by AI git gud kid.
  13. tds overpoch cherno AU thorts

    100k seems an alright price to me
  14. Made a cheesy video :D

    h.ttps://youtu.be/-9vrKbPmhms Remove the dot
  15. Made a cheesy video :D

    Nice base Tim. Not to be a party pooper or anything though but i thought unsupported ramps weren't allowed on TDS.