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  1. Come play bf2 yes i said bf2! :) Many memories

    All Done Ive gone and installed it.
  2. Merry Christmas

    ~ Merry Christmas Everyone ~ Wishing you all a safe and blessed holiday season.
  3. HaPpY NeW yEaR

    Happy New Year.
  4. Merry X-mas

    Merry Christmas Everyone! Stay safe.
  5. Broke my wrist

    Glad to hear you are doing well MungusFungus. Hope it heals quickly. I was going to make a smart ass comment ...That would of been totally inappropriate, but have refrained from doing so.
  6. [TdS] Competition

  7. Greetings from the [mfp] clan

    Hello and Welcome.
  8. Could Be Worthy

    Looking rather sexy ... could be fully worthy of some serious love & attention.
  9. New [TdS] Logo!

    That is badarse, awesome even... loving it!
  10. Battlefield 3 Expansions

    omg omg [insert excited face here] I'm downloading the expansions now!
  11. [TdS] Battlefield 3 Platoon Stats

    Where is my like button, Now I have to answer posts if I like. Before life was so easy... no need for works just smack the like button. I am dissapoint! :-\
  12. Whats up Tds

    I jumped when I saw a spider once .. man that hairy lil sucker sure did give me a fright.
  13. hope to be back soon

    Get better soon Ezmeat!!!
  14. BF3 players

    I'm in!
  15. server is being moved

    I laughed a little
  16. [TdS] BF2 Special Forces Night #2 - Take 2

    Sry wasn't able to attend, was exhausted & didn't have use of my pc... so read for a while then caught up on some sleep . working nights mucks up the ol body clock a bit. Hope ya all well! Cant say when I will be around again for a blat ... If I go by my work roster.. end of December. Take care everyone and I will try to slip in at some stage.
  17. [TdS] BF2 Special Forces Night #2 - Take 2

    I will probably ...... grace you all with my presence ...
  18. New Servers

    Yeah Thanks chaps!
  19. [TdS] BF2 Special Forces Night #2

    Sorry gonna miss this, will be in Auckland at the London Hardhouse Reunion... http://youtu.be/lDuN_KYgr64
  20. spawn becon

    I'm with Toxic on MAV riding. The spawn beacon thing ... At first I thought it was giving an unfair advantage. I'm fine with it now.
  21. Brand new TDS site. HOOHAH!!!

    HooRah Nytro! Awesome work Neg & Browncoat, you guys rock! Loving the new look forums
  22. I agree you shouldn't use a mav on a live server to get an advantage!
  23. Battlefield 3 - The Remake of Battlefield 2 Intro

    Awesome Find!
  24. Bf2 this Wednesday!!!

    Yeah I was there... was awesome fun
  25. Christmas meets Battlefield 3

    cool as .. nice find