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  1. Squad

    Fanks, Coolies will wait for Steam
  2. Squad

    Alright I'm Sold.... What do I need to do to get it
  3. new modem

    Yes.... I bought a ASUS DSL-N55U Router, due to the High flow of internet access (from my children), it handles 4 mobile phones, 2 iPad's, 3 Laptops and a Media Center. With this all running it doesn't effect my speed during game play. Cost about $129 about a year ago, should be better ones out by now.
  4. "NO THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE....YOUR NOT MY FATHER" The force is strong in this one
  5. The sequel to Project Reality mod for BF2 in all but name - SQUAD

    But I don't have unreal :'( Damn it....now what am I supposed to do with these two copies of BF2, that due to nostalgic reasons don't want to wipe from my hard-drives
  6. BF4 Maplists Updated!

    Sounds cool ...Fanks Neg So...what about.....Hardcore
  7. The sequel to Project Reality mod for BF2 in all but name - SQUAD

    So its on the BF2 engine then?
  8. WARTHUNDER! i need you!

    Thanks Chief I Love it.... Takes me back to when I was a kid, I use to be a huge OCD WW2 aircraft enthusiast...I use to bring home books from school and just study and learn all the different aircraft of WW2, with my grandfather (Australian) and my Opa (German). My Biggest problem with the game is there is too many choices to make......WHICH PLANE WILL I RESEARCH. The Third Reich Rises
  9. the chief

    A come back to Battlefield or a come back to the Poop Bucket?
  10. the chief

    Here's Metal....
  11. the chief

    Chiefs a Colonel 100+ Does he have a poop bucket?
  12. Battlefield Hardline

    The games not that good, It can wait for the Cheap Table at EB
  13. New Weapon?

    I found this shotgun that was used back in the 1860's was made illegal due to annihilation of water fowl species. Could there be a possible application in Battlefield?
  14. New Maps/Gamemodes in sever list

    When are the Night time maps starting???
  15. Defib VS Tank- Anti-Vehicle Assault

    Finally something to attack the tanks with when Medic