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  1. Looking for BF4 squadmates

    Sweet as Ill be sure to join you guys
  2. Hi fellow TDS, Looking to link in with you guys in a game or 2. Ive been part of the dayz tds scene for a while but have mostly played with mates in bf3-4 the past few years (most of who have moved on) Let me know how this might happen Cheers Mop
  3. Looking for team mates

    Hi TDS gang, Took 12 months off dayz but looking to get back into it again but its more fun with a few squad mates. Anyone looking for +1?
  4. Any group help?

    Hey man - Im always happy to give people a go. Send me a steam request when we are on the server together or pm me your steam Mop
  5. Glitch Spawn's / Spawn Suggestion.

    I think an easy solution would be to spawn with a makerov and thats it. With a lee i can easy spawn in and kill anyone and take objectives. a makerov would let me defend myself and kill noobs at 5m. it would give me a significant penalty with death but not the inconvenience of a coast spawn with no halo or bike
  6. mozzie kamy

    at very least it should kill the occupant. But yeah i agree it should be against the rules to protect higher value vehicles and such
  7. mozzie kamy

    Like i said - i had a good lol at it. Didnt want the heli - this isnt a whinge. The point is if it was a vehicle i did want its a bad hole in the rules to allow suiciding mozzies because you can survive it. Needs to be changed for the sake of armoured suvs etc
  8. mozzie kamy

    just was mucking around in a hind with a couple of mozzies trying to suicide into me. Eventually one got me - got a bit cocky trying to bait them but it was a good lol. Got me thinking though. Because you survive mozzie explosions this is a bit of an op way to take out vehicles. If it had been a vehicle id cared about surely thats as bad as kamy a base. Mop