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  1. Merry X-mas

    Merry Christmas and all the best for the holiday period. Stay safe and have fun!
  2. Old Dog

    Always good to have some fresh faces on the server! Hope you enjoy mate.

    Welcome to the party pal!
  4. Destiny 2 Clan

    The first one never really grabbed me. It may have been because i was basically playing it Solo at the time so i might give this one a look and see if i wanna commit to it
  5. Overpoch PvE Server.

    Nice work Jimmy!
  6. COD WW2 Reveal Trailer

    As much as i loved the original Call of Duty and would like to go back towards that. At this point i kind of feel like if i did buy into it i would just be supporting a shitty business model and a franchise that has long been past it's use by date. I might go in for this, but it will take some convincing haha.
  7. Closing Down PVP Servers

    Too right mate. All that stuff Skippy said about him isn't true at all, he's a top bloke!
  8. Closing Down PVP Servers

    Was a good run boys! Have a lot of memories from the servers but unfortunately, nothing lasts forever.
  9. Desert Map

    I haven't actually looked it up but is there word on how maps will work? I am hoping it will randomly assign a map when you queue as opposed to people picking to queue into a specific map.
  10. [TdS] UBIE

    Big Congratz mate!
  11. Conan Players - meeting

    Can make Sunday but not Saturday.
  12. Conan Server Changes

    One thing i wanted to mention is mods on the Conan Exiles server. Mainly just some quality of life ones like the map coordinates and such. Would be extremely helpful once you are on the server playing but not sure on whether it would create a barrier for people to join the server in the first place. I have seen a few clans or server owners put up a package of the mods running on the server on the steam workshop so you can just subscribe to for example the [TdS] mod package that contains all of the mods we would be running. Is this something that we might be interested in doing? There are a heap of mods available already and half of them relate to making boobs jiggle a little bit more or something similar haha but some of them actually look pretty useful.
  13. Haiya all

    Welcome! I remember you helping us out when we had the hacker on the server spawning briefs and such in Stary. Came straight to us and let us know. Good honest player and i appreciated that. Good to have you on board mate!
  14. Conan similar to Rust?

    Haven't had a chance to look too deeply into it yet but has anyone currently playing Conan on here played Rust as well? If so how does it compare? It seemed pretty similar from what i did see but wasn't sure just how deep the similarities go.
  15. Server Settings

    Once payday rolls around i'll give it a crack if i get some free time!