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  1. A decision

    It's not even that, PUBG is a game I don't have to consistently play, also, I do not play all of the time. I have a busy life at the moment, work is promoting me, so I have to step up, I have met a new lady, then there is a couple of health issues in there as well. None the less, my time is limited and other priorities come before gaming, so when I have a spare few hours, I will grind PUBG or Rocket League, because continuous gameplay is not required to play properly.
  2. shoot the rotors whilst on top of the base

    Hahah, I believe you weren't the only one told to pull our head in for that one @Brezza!!! Good times, and believe it or not, this did give me a giggle.
  3. A decision

    Thank you @MrNugget and I will be sure to have a look @[TdS] Ryannn (The tag didnt work properly. ) Nice @[TdS] ZoMBiEMaN001, as I said, I will come in every now and then, I have been on a Aus PUBG teamspeak for a little bit now, and I can consistantly find someone to group up for a game there. I will add you on steam anyway, that way if either of us wanted to play, it would make it a little easier. MrNugget, for the record, you are right, there is reasons not listed for this decision, it has a bit to do with my current circumstances in real life too, and unfortunately, real life has to take priority. Thank you all for your replies!
  4. A decision

    I would like to inform all that I will not be online @TeamDedicatedSoldiers as regular as I have been previously, with time and space, regular play time on the DayZ server and in teamspeak, grudges have not been forgotten. I have enjoyed the extensive amount of gun fights @TdS and have made this decision with careful consideration. I will still pop in and say hello every now and then, but after a reasonable amount of time, I still feel uncomfortable, and am restricted to where I progress in this amazing group of Australian gamers. I will come on the forums to check replies to this post, so feel free to share a memory to give me a giggle or something. Kind regards, this is Jinglebell signing out!
  5. Baited the proof of duping after receiving a message from an old friend on steam. Also find attached a screenshot of them passing me over 7 billion in in-game money.
  6. ArmA2 - Finn BANNED for Duping gear

    Baited the proof of duping after receiving a message from an old friend on steam. Also find attached a screenshot of them passing me over 7 billion in in-game money.
  7. Report for Sazz, MagaLampa and co.

    Thanks Clontarf, I think it may very well be the same glitch, I just haven't tested to its full extent.
  8. Screenshots from the dayz servers for anyone

    We had MagaLampa in teamspeak and in game with us, he joined us on our stupid car convoy and had a ball. Thought it was a rare moment, so posted it here!
  9. Report for Sazz, MagaLampa and co.

    After gaining access to the base owned by MagaLampa and Sazz, through perfectly legitimate means, we found some ways that said people are exploiting glitches to get an upper hand in game. This particular glitch is used throughout there base multiple times, where the user climbs up a wooden ramp inside there base and can see whoever is on the level above. I have provided the below screenshots as evidence. Not sure if these players can shoot from this or not, I did not want to test as it wasn't ideal to do so at the time, but also because I personally didn't want to exploit the glitch. Any further questions, feel free to speak to me in teamspeak.
  10. Report for Jimbo - Base Glitching

    Poor guy, guess it might teach him haha. Thank you for your services!
  11. Report for Jimbo - Base Glitching

    Good stuff. Duration?
  12. Report for Jimbo - Base Glitching

    Too easy, I will be in teamspeak soon! Cheers.
  13. Report for Jimbo - Base Glitching

    I logged into the server at roughly 4:40 on the 30th of April, 2017, where I was told by Jimbo that he had entry into my base. I, determined that it isn't possible to get in my base, played along to get some more information, where I found out that said player had been killed in my base, and he described some of the features of my base. Interested, I checked it out just prior to restart. The following screenshots show the following: - The dead body of said player, Jimbo, inside of my base, taken from the outside. - All of my doors from the bottom of my base, locked. - The people who are on my doors, who is myself only. - Some items that a player that was inside of my base has dropped on the ground. - The dead body of said player, Jimbo, inside of my base, taken from the inside. - The only other entrance of my base, from the top, with a cinder wall clearly blocking any entrance. I am adamant that said player, has glitched into my base, seeing as there is no way of entry other than the exploiting of a glitch. I am more than happy to discuss this matter in teamspeak.
  14. Dirty Bastard!

    Who would have known @[TdS] ZoMBiEMaN001 was kiwi!
  15. Bells and Pooks

    I personally enjoy the convenience of being accessible to the majority of the map after spawning. I also am one of those guys that occassionally do the odd kami onto an armed vehicle, so I also have fun doing that haha. That is my 5 cents into this arguement.