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  1. 200 Slot machine

    OK Conan PVP PLEASE if we have the numbers
  2. conan server cancelled

    ok mate
  3. conan server cancelled

    ok it's June now are we going to try a new PVP server ?
  4. Conan Players - meeting

    Yeah should be around see you all then
  5. Good Old Kanga

    He's a tough lad he will be fine say a big hello and get well from me .👍👍👍
  6. Big Hello I am Mentalfreakk :)

    Welcome back OH Freakish one
  7. As usual Ubisoft added a bug

    LOL typical
  8. Phil were are ya 

    1. [TdS] philf2469

      [TdS] philf2469

      haven't been playing lately


  9. New Operators - Mira and Jackal

    WOW the Jackal god help us all
  10. FTTN install

    LOL you greedie bastard Neg
  11. Australias's #1 Server

    LOL great
  12. Website changes

    Cool Neg
  13. The setup!

  14. Battlefield 4 Night?

    yeah i am in for a BF4 night or even a BF1 night i suppose i should give it a go if the bloody thing does not lag out
  15. NSW catchup

    Yep great catch last night with the boys sorry but it really was a mybe catch up due to my wife having an operationn in Sydney but a big catch up with everyone would have been good Hope you understand. And yes marshy you got the names right compots wife to the left and my daughter kirah to the right