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  1. New Platoon system coming to BF1

    yep - poor people feel free to join on me. I'm a premium friend - better than all you regular friends and only 6c/l more expensive!
  2. Hi all - this video from westie explains the new platoon system that is coming to battlefield 1. With this and the premium friends system maybe we will see a few more people on. Cheers!
  3. So they ruined my favourite thing about BF1...

    is that because you liked the on hit kill to the forearm? :-)
  4. Hunting for a new keyboard

    nice compot - hows it working for you?
  5. Hunting for a new keyboard

    I've got a logitech g910. the tenkeyless version is the 310. http://gaming.logitech.com/en-au/product/g310-mechanical-gaming-keyboard The key shapes take a bit of getting used to, but the keypress action is very nice.
  6. TdS Emblem for BF1

    thanks neg!
  7. TdS Emblem for BF1

    Hi all, Given we can't have clan tags at the moment in BF1, I thought I'd get in the emblem editor and have a bash at a [TdS] one. The link is here: https://emblem.battlefield.com/nvAQz9DOFx Not a perfect match, but good enough for jazz. Anyone who has more talent, feel free to improve! Cheers
  8. Battlefield 1

    yeah that is wierd. Battlefront was the same - wondering if it a windows 10 thing (or DX12?). Gamepads do work as I understand it.
  9. Battlefield 1

    Whilst I agree with the overall sentiment, the game itself is a hell of a lot of fun. It feels completely different to BF4 but stiill is Battlefield. Hopefully they will add decent server stuff back in and at least itt means the servers wiill be adequate rather than potatoes. This might just be me seeing a silver lining though.
  10. Battlefield 5 revealed as Battlefield 1

    Easty, as long a Macca doesn't have the gas and the Flamethrower....... .gif' alt='!TdS!'>
  11. Hello, Hallo, Здравствуй

    Welcome aboard mate - hope the graphics card holds out!
  12. state of origin for BF4 players

    Vic for me!