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  1. New Platoon system coming to BF1

    Can confirm he does so he can drag us povo bastards in with him.
  2. Project Argo

    5v5 competitive shooter based on the ARMA 3 engine - anyone interested i giving it a go - Free on steam https://www.projectargo.net/game
  3. Epic Moments Rainbow Six Siege

    Highlights from overtime round I stuffed up in Operator Selection and picked the SAS Recruit - Who knew that they are OP. Best is SirBlackSpider about 5 seconds in giving up all hope.
  4. Someone on reddit did this analysis http://imgur.com/a/f144S Now to spend 30 minutes in the loadout screen
  5. Main bug fixes Gameplay FIXED – Various animation issues can occur with weapons when starting the Drone pick-up animation and then canceling. FIXED – On PC, the Walk\Run stances can be switched by pressing TAB while holding ALT. FIXED – Light coming from outside the building will hinder the player looking outside from inside during gameplay. FIXED – When a player spawns in a collision spot or stops walking in a collision spot, their aim will be reset to the center of the screen. FIXED – It is possible to shoot through a small gap between Reinforced Walls when they are deployed adjacent to each other, but on opposite sides of the wall. FIXED – Aim reverts to an initial position after the user tries to aim at another target Oh and for @[TdS] mac_celt we now have claymores available . . .
  6. Lord Chanka

    Saw this and thought of @[TdS] Compot
  7. Epic Moments Rainbow Six Siege

    Some from last night - only the game I was MVP - it was all downhill after that.
  8. Tactical Realism

    Video or it didn't happen Seriously congratulations - I expect to be carried every ranked match now.
  9. Tactical Realism

    Can we get 10 of us for a tactical realism night to play on a ubi hosted server - been watching some streams and it looks fun but hard. @[TdS] mac_celt will be tk'ing everyone
  10. Small Highlight from Last Night

    Try http://plays.tv/s/Ks2NsnPeLQdO
  11. 8 Second Ace

    Something for us all to aspire to