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  1. Server Suggestions

    right guys i have changed all the prices as per your request
  2. Base deconstructing before my eyes

    Anyone else moved or lifted and put down your plot pole????
  3. Base deconstructing before my eyes

    Im wondering is thats got somthing to do with it!!!!!!!! Hmmmmmmm the plot thickens Mr Holmes
  4. Base deconstructing before my eyes

    Hopfully its a one off. Did you by any chance lift and replace or reposition your plot pole???
  5. Base deconstructing before my eyes

    has your base returned??? sometimes the data base does not load correctly, i have stopped base decay for the moment
  6. Base deconstructing before my eyes

  7. Server Suggestions

    The trader thing makes no sense for a pve server thats a pvp thing. Why would you limit new players to one trader thats a bit unfair in my eyes but please i would like to here your thoughts.
  8. Server Suggestions

    ok your bombs are fixed
  9. Server Suggestions

    Ill check it out dean
  10. Server Suggestions

    Battleye scripts have been updated for the rockets. Everything should work now
  11. Old Dog

    Hey mate, welcome to the server hope you have a good time
  12. Server Suggestions

    hey blyth, As per your post i have modified the server to incorporate your suggestions, anything else you and the guys want just hit me up. Will be good to go after 12 midnight restart

    hey mate welcome to our server and website any issues just grab an admin and have a chat.
  14. Foggy Weather Effect

    looks good is that the current map or the new one???
  15. Inventory wiping on relog

    Well done mate good job..... hope you jave some fun on the new server
  16. Inventory wiping on relog

    hey loki, by the looks of it your arma isnt launched correctly or in the wrong order, i only say that because if you look in the top right corner of your screen that is from arma (the green thing with pm in it). try and verify your files through steam. arma and arma 2 operation arrowhead i think you may have files missing!!
  17. Overpoch PvE Server.

    Hey guys just an update the PvE Overpoch server is now live and unlocked the ip and port are : 2392. I use launch parameters "-mod=@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch" in dayz launcher or you can launch through steam with the same parameters. Any issues or suggestions with the server let zombie,neg or myself know and we will try to get them fixed or implemented ASAP. hope you guys like :-)
  18. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    my bad i just checked and when i installed the new mission scripts the money was turned off lol. ill sort it tonight..... Sorry guys.
  19. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    added a nice little addon to the mission system lets players know how many ai spawn and are left at mission,let me know what you think
  20. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    Am glad its better guys. Anything i can do just let me know always happy to help and like to keep you guys happy
  21. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    So i updated the server missions for now, please tell me how they work. i will convert the server to overpoch
  22. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    how do you guys feel about going to overpoch???
  23. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    so im going to try something and see if it works hopefully ill get it done by the 6 pm restart.
  24. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    From memory death they new style missions were removed because we kept getting complaints about them bugging out so were removed for that reason only.
  25. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    Done. Any issues let me know