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  1. Master key mod pve server

    There is a vehicle clean up script ill check to see if its working
  2. Master key mod pve server

    So update, i put master key on test server and yes it works, but not so well with the virtual garage. 1, have two vehicles outside your garage change the keys = all good. 2, put one vehicle in garage = all good 3, cant put 2nd car in garage as key was removed when putting in first vehicle
  3. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    No prob mate ill trying to add all the mods as they are released to keep the server up too date
  4. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Hey dd. Ive added money to all ai mission even the smaller ones so you can make money, all loot in the missions are random so there is a chance to get everything in game in any mission its just the odds are less for smaller missions. the link you posted is no good, its for so not compatible with 1.0.6
  5. Master key mod pve server

    Maybe an issue, ill look into it and see if its possible
  6. Master key mod pve server

    Hey mate you need 1 x scrap metal, 1 x safe, 1 x combo lock to deploy garage
  7. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Zombie will put up a poll and everyone will decide if it stays or goes cant make it fairer than that.
  8. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    I like the idea but think if you make it no safe zone then you also should not have a bank there, you should have to carry your money there now that would be fun. I will get a poll put up to vote.
  9. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Funny you mention that ive been working on it all weekend might have an update sometime this week
  10. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6


    Well why dont you and that guy start your own server??? Then you can be the owner admin and decide what you think your players want. Why would you want to keep it under tds name that makes no sense. The decision has been made the servers have been cancelled the 1.0.6 will run to January 8 then be offline. It's really unfortunate that the servers have low pop but it is what it is. Ive spoken to zombie about this over the last few weeks and nothing is going to change his mind.

    Im waiting for that update but its been coming fot 3 years so im not holding my breath for it coming November
  13. Prefab going away

    The issue is fixed has been for two weeks but you woukd know that if you were still playing on the server!!!!. im sorry you did not receive the personal email that i sit and write to every member of our clan to discuss server issues. ill make sure we have your correct email address sorry for any inconvenience we have caused you!!!!!!
  14. Having Trouble loading into Amra 2

    yes you are!!!
  15. Having Trouble loading into Amra 2

  16. DayZ-Epoch/CHANGE LOG 1.0.6

    Started last night now have the test server with it on, i can see there will be alot of issues because of compatibility and just getting things fine tuned. I will tell you somthing tho..... it looks so much better sea, grass, sky.... cant wait
  17. DayZ-Epoch/CHANGE LOG 1.0.6

    Oh well I'd better get my ass in gear and get it on a test server then
  18. DayZ-Epoch/CHANGE LOG 1.0.6

    Any release date yet???

    Yes mate just use same heli pad
  20. Militarized server Ai missons not reloading

    So is it still doing it or did the server restart fix those issues???
  21. Exile Update

    Hey guy as many of you are aware Exile will be releasing a new major update which they recon requires a complete data base wipe!. i know how much time and effort you guys have put into building and getting supplies, but in the off chance that i cant for whatever reason save/use the existing data base i would like to take the opportunity to ask a very simple question. Do you like the Esseker map? if the answer is no and the majority of people agree then i can look into putting up a new map ( majority's choice ) i don't mind either way, its that i would like to get stuck into it if we are going to change the map. regardless of map change i have been adding/removing mods that are not working as they should or need updating. i have decided that we will drop the @cup weapons because of extra download content required to make the latest version work.( keeping client files as small as possible ) the new weapons mod will be @mas NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons. The reason for this selection is to assist in another request for more vehicles as this pack also includes ArmA 2 & ArmA 2 oa vehicles which i feel is a nice add-on to the server. Please let me know what you guys think. On a side note i have been reading a lot of forums and its suggested that the maps in the all in terrain pack cherno,Esseker,etc are not optimized for ArmA 3 as well as they could/should be so just like Esseker if we do change the map we will find issues with the mission system ( spawning ai in buildings we can not enter ) Thanks for taking the time to read this and all the feed back you have been giving me to make our server the best it can be
  22. Exile Update

    Hey guys just a quick not I'm moving house this weekend and will be off line until Wednesday/Thursday but once I'm back online hopefully exile will be available for the update. Jim
  23. 10 Day Absence

    have a nice trip mate see you when you get back
  24. Suggestion

    i be on tomorrow night and we will check things out then
  25. Suggestion

    right guys, Chop wood into vehicles is on the server and will work after restart. ive changed the weather a bit too let me know how it is. im looking into ai having launchers but might not be able to do anything about it because if i remove them from the ai it will remove them from ai at missions too and i think that's a bad thing because people could just drive up to a mission and knock ai down let me know your thoughts