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  1. Conan Server Changes

    Topics for discussion after tonights meeting, As admin's there are now some extra tools that have been made available to us with the new release,we feel that these new tools can make a more balanced server regardless of level or experience. Added ability to set start time, end time and specific days for when PvP is enabled on a server. Added ability to restrict when players may damage buildings owned by other players. Added ability to set start time, end time and specific days for when players may damage the buildings owned by other players. Please read and bring us your feedback/opinion to the meeting.
  2. Bases despawning? Arma 2 PvP

    Good job skippy thanks mate
  3. Haiya all

    Welcome mate
  4. Hello

    Welcome to the server

    Hey guys just to let you know what changes have been done to the Server. 1, New binocular script so view distance does not revert back every time there is a weather change. 2, Take/Wear clothes script fixed and now working 100% of the time. 3, Deploy bike/pook now possible on your own plot as well as on friends plot. 4, New mission "BOOK OF ELI", same kind of mission and loot as the bomb crate. 5, New spawn system different loadouts depending on humanity. 6, Roaming ai switched back on to spawn on random players but rocket launchers removed. 7, Safe zones now smaller, inner circle safe zone, outer circle weapons free zone, gap between = no man's land. (as per safe zone script on pvp server.) 8, 3 x New vehicles added to Hero traders btr40,brdm2,m113 ambulance. 9, All vehicles from missions should now sell. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.
  6. [TdS] Epoch 1.0.6 Server

    So to be honest im now really boared because i have very little or nothing to do, So im going to make my 18 slot test server into a die hard epoch namalsk survival server with minimal scripts and emphasis on surviving a harsh wastland and not handing people everything. Good luck and hope to see you in the wilderness
  7. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    The only things on the server that you can destroy are door's everything else is indestructible.
  8. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    If the do blow up people's bases they will be banned for life
  9. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    What are you trying to craft???
  10. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    In what way faster???
  11. Australias's #1 Server

    Congratulations all Dayz Epoch 1.0.6 Players with all our hard work and great player base/clan members we are the number one dayz epoch 1.0.6 server.
  12. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    So i had to roll back the server, there was an issue in the data base that was conflicting with the 21 day maintenance this has now been removed and it should be plain sailing from here on in. Sorry guys, hit me up next time im on and ill sort you out with some build kits
  13. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    We try not to wipe the server's, the server was not wiped the last time you are talking about we upgraded to 1.0.6 so had to start a fresh
  14. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    Lol that would make a good song bahahahaha.
  15. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    Its really up to you guys, i can put the ai back to normal and remove the rocket launchers if thats what you want???
  16. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    Ok guys just an update on the server,as per requested by dan and ubie i have stopped ai spawning on player positions and made them spawn in towns and high loot areas this should make life easier to build your bases im also going to increase the build limit to 800 items. i also changed the class name for the pipe bomb aka satchel charge so you can now buy and sell it at theblack market trader. any issues with these changes please let me know.
  17. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Hey dan sorry about that ill fix it tonight when i get on, the problem is the class name has changed from 1.0 6
  18. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

  19. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    Its the only virtual garage script available right now and i thought its better than not having virtual garage at all
  20. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    No its a different script, so 2 people can use the same garage as long as they are plot friends but only the person who stores the vehicle can access it
  21. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Hey DD, i will add that vehicle into the traders for you when i get home tonight, always happy to accommodate people who support our server and clan thank you.
  22. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    So as you guys will see in the shout box the new PVE server is up and running is the ip address and port everything is working including virtual garage and take clothes scripts, Any questions about the server or mods just ask
  23. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Zombie will be looking at the prices this weekend. We were talking about the anzno last night other servers have it for sale at over 1 million coins because it just too op in the game.
  24. pve server

    That correct mate we will have to wipe the complete server to and start again
  25. Master key mod pve server

    I contacted the provider they are looking into it