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  1. [TdS] Gaming Youtube Channel

  2. New Server!

    Server problems today once restarts it takes a long time and locks the server for a long time. 7pm restart tonight and it has been down for an hour and a half and locked.
  3. EXILE server ideas

    Could we look at getting the missions spread out a bit more over the map as they seem to spawn grouped up west and nth . if possible
  4. New Server!

    seemed ok for now marshy i will be back on tonight and hopefully it be all good thanks mate. I fixed my mic to dont know what happened there
  5. New Server!

    Not as of yet still getting random bans but i have been talking with marshy but i dont think there is much we can do as it bans me on different things eveytime. Im working on it but we will see how we go
  6. New Server!

    Keep getting banned!!!! i have all mods and can play regularly but it will randomly just ban me i have tried everything????
  7. EXILE server ideas

    might be a long shot but could we look at getting the chop wood directly into vehicle script and also look at getting a server restart timer put on the server also please
  8. New Server!

    The new server is awesome. Great work guys im expecting a few little bugs here and there if we find any we will let yas know
  9. New Server!

    The suspense lol
  10. New Server!

    locked and loaded
  11. EXILE server ideas

    its gotta be sunday somewhere in the world right lol
  12. IM BACK

    hello again and again lol. it is about time u upgraded u might be able to keep up with us
  13. EXILE server ideas

    Roaming AI with choppers ? like the old server had before it got taken out
  14. [TdS] Gaming Youtube Channel

    I have been subscribed to the [TdS] youtube channel ( Is it legit ? ) and was wondering who is the person responsible for this. The reason i ask is i have been seeing a lot of videos of late on our forums and it would be great to see these added to the channel for our members and the world to see. Might be just a crazy idea and probably a long shot.
  15. How Many People Have Arma 3?

    Bought Arma 3 and all dlc when TdS had their previous servers so i could play and purchased Apex last week so id be ready to rock and roll P:S Are we there yet lol