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  1. Battlefield 4 Map Changes/Addons

    After we've had the Scrim tomorrow night, I'd like to talk to you all about the changing map list. We'd like to hear feedback from everyone. This should be a group vote, and we should all be here for the most part. If anyone can't make it, let me know.
  2. Battlefield 4 Map Changes/Addons

    During the meeting/practice for the TDS vs FNS on the 17/04/16, we discussed some map changes. I'm putting this to a vote/discussion here. First of all, we almost entirely unanimously decided we should remove/change these maps: Remove Caspian Border - Obliteration Remove Operation Firestorm - Obliteration Change any remaining Obliteration to Squad Obliteration New map additions: Guilian Peak - Conquest Large Silk Road - Conquest Large Operation Wipeout - Open to suggestion Giants of Karelia - Open to suggestion Flood Zone - Rush Operation Outbreak - Rush Siege of Shanghai - Rush Please feel free to suggest any other maps as well as the modes we should add to the aforementioned maps. We'll work all this out after the scrim on the 1/5/16.
  3. A TDS Minecraft server.

    UPDATE: I have set up a Vanilla Realm server. If anyone is interested, please PM me about joining. So I'm not sure how many TDS members play Minecraft. I've never really asked, but I'm sure at least some of you are interested in the game. I know the game took up a large chunk of my introduction to PC Gaming. So I am here to gather interest in a TDS Minecraft server. There are many variations of Minecraft servers. I'd like to cover a few. Prison server: Work your way through the ranks in an attempt to escape into a Vanilla world. I've played it before, but it takes many, many hours to achieve. Vanilla server: No changes to the game outside of a few plugins. Will probably have PvP, griefing, build anywhere, etc. I personally like this idea, Vanilla is always fun. Faction server: This type of server requires more people to join, but having factions is always fun. Teaming up with friends to survive what is otherwise a Vanilla landscape. For those who don't know, you can basically claim land and build a base on it, but a more powerful Faction has the ability to come through and pillage. Adds the element of trying to be secretive and work for a secure base. I've put way too many hours into this style server. Modded server: Basically, it's just a Vanilla server with mods. Mods are an awesome way to keep the game interesting for way longer. I've played lots of modded servers. Personally, I like modded servers the best, but I've only ever played Whitelisted/private modded servers with mates. The down side to a Modded server is keeping a player base. I'm not sure how many people are willing to stay on a modded server, seeing as how I've never delved into one. Another thing is mods can be fairly strenuous on PCs, so people without a fairly decent PC won't be able to play. PvP server: Just a rotation of maps specifically designed for PvP play style. An example of this is the https://oc.tc/ server. I've played 70 hours alone on this server, and have a 1.5KD ratio. I love PvP servers, but I feel as if it should be a sub-server instead of a full server. It attracts a smaller player base than a vanilla or faction server does. Whitelist server: On this server, we only allow select members in. Specifically, TdS players and friends. I've put most of my multiplayer playtime into this. I have been playing with the same crew of members generally since beta 1.3, which for those who don't know, is 2011. Whitelist servers are the best for just jumping on and playing with friends. If we're all sceptical about this style, I will personally host a Minecraft realm for the first month, because it's basically a vanilla/whitelist server. Whitelisted servers are probably the best for mods too. Mods can cause a lot of harm in the long run on a Public server. I'll put it all to a poll. If anyone has any other suggestions, let me know. I'm super keen to try and get a TDS Minecraft server, but the demand has to back the interest, and donations need to pay for it. Thanks for any help with this matter in advance. Trailer: Purchase: https://minecraft.net/
  4. Gunmaster Presets

    The lack of Troll at night disturbs me. Consider me triggered!
  5. TdS V NSG Scrim

    Count me in!
  6. Classic Mode

    I'm down for some classic mode. I do believe, however, that many people do not like classic mode and prefer to either play normal or hardcore over it. Although, I am down for whatever gamemode in battlefield so take whatever I say about playing different types with a grain of salt. I do enjoy this game a fair bit.
  7. state of origin for BF4 players

    What time is this all happening? Will it be during the day on the Sunday(s) or will it be during the night (8PM - 11PM) or something like that?
  8. state of origin for BF4 players

    NSW All the way!!!
  9. Epic Moments

    Weird GodMode glitch?
  10. New Maplist & Gamemodes

    Very cool. Very swag. I like it.