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  1. Epoch Events! What Would the Players Like to Do?

    More shoot outs!!!
  2. Nahh it's best if he can't see Sip He is equally useless ahaha Just kidding Mental
  3. Hi

    Gday Scorch, I'm Sir Black, aka Spider on BF4, I play BF4 and Arma 2 occasionally (haven't been on it in a while tho).I also enjoy playing another game called Counter Strike:Global Offensive (CS:GO). I've been addicted to Reign of kings lately. Nice to meet you.
  4. ATT BF4 PLAYERS- Updated server rules

    Read and Understood
  5. Battlefield Hardline

    I'm with Sip on this one!! Had a great time playing it! My first game i was horrible and hated it but i tried it again with my mouse sensitivity up and turn some things down and i love it now! Having great fun with the Blasting charges! (c4) I'm 100% sure i'll get this when it comes out! It's pretty great as beta! .gif' alt='!TdS!'> .gif' alt='!TdS!'>
  6. Hey'o

    Aha welcome lad Cant wait to meet you in teamspeak Hope you enjoy the Crew
  7. Battlefield Hardline

    Yea i have to agree with Sip, I'm not to sure but got high hopes for the game !TdSb1! .gif' alt='!TdS!'> !TdS!
  8. Hey everyone im Mentalfreakk

    Umm sorry mate havent met you yet. Uhh hop in ts when ever you can would be nice to meet you, Maybe even fill out a clan application? Need some new members
  9. fill-in the blanks

    Random, Fork, Pants, Pulse, six, Books
  10. Maps Rotation

    I'm happy with Compot's list Capture the flag sounds cool, Something i haven't had a chance to try, (only play on TdS server so anything that comes up there is what i play) Just want more variety in the maps. Seems like the current list I've played every map so far.
  11. i'm outa action

    Take it easy Philf Get back in action when you're all healed up Hope all goes well mate .gif' alt='!TdS!'>
  12. i'm outa action

    Hope it heals quick Philf! .gif' alt='!TdS!'>
  13. Hardcore

    I like the idea of having an occasional day of hard core but as i was talking with Neg it is going to be hard to decide what days to have it and what days to not have it. Neg also said that he would have to take the server down to put hard core on which doesnt sound easy. Seems like it is a bit of a pain. Just wondering what are the costs to run a bf4 server? If we could get some donations in, maybe we could get another BF4 server for Hard core? Just a thought. .gif' alt='!TdS!'>