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  1. ArmA 3: Exile Server Update 1.0.2 "Kohlrabi"

    The Team Dedicated Soldiers ArmA 3: Exile Tanoa server has been updated to the newest version of Exile 1.0.2 "Kohlrabi". To join the server, you must have this version of Exile which can be downloaded through A3Launcher or directly from the Exile website. Exile 1.0.2 "Kohlrabi" Changelog TLDR 8G Bullet Cam Compatibility with Arma 1.64 Bug fixes, but still not bug-free Much wow, so Exile Changes Added: Flags of Scotland and Estonia Added: Possibility to code and send custom notifications to the Exile Mod XM8 app via SQF only (Requires whitelisting from us) Fixed: A problem where quad bikes and regular bikes would still warm you up in cold climates - thx to @John for pointing out Added: 8G Bullet Cam Added: Ammunition and fuel randomization when spawning a vehicle in the world on server boot. Check the settings below! - thx for @GamingAtDD on Twitter for the idea Fixed: Possible client crash to desktop when joining a server - Please tell us if it helped you! Added: Arma 1.64 compatibility Added: Prototypes of hunting, farming and fishing (Will be finished later!) Fixed: A very exotic glitch where one could access locked safes - thx to @John Lemon for reporting 8G Bullet Cam Today we would like to show you a new feature that we are going to add to the upcoming version. This is a quick post that I write in my lunch break, so let us come straight to the point. Check this: We are going to add new magazines with a special kind of bullet, similar to the tracer magazines. These ones are called "8G Bullet Cam Mags" and will connect to your XM8 after each shot. For now, four magazines have been implemented: 12.7 mm 5Rnd Bullet Cam Mag - for GM6 Lynx 12.7 mm 9.3 mm 10Rnd Bullet Cam Mag - for Cyrus 9.3mm .408 7Rnd Bullet Cam Mag - for M320 LRR .408 .338 LM 10Rnd Bullet Cam Mag - for MAR-10 .338 These 8G Bullet Cam Mags will be of high quality, rare to find in loot and expensive to buy. They will only work when zooming in with a scope and only if the proper magazines are loaded. Some of these calibers penetrate wood and metal, so it will be possible to get a visual sneak peak of certain bases. Since this feature depends on special magazines, server owners can decide whether to implement this or not. Hope you like it! Source: Eichi, (2016). 8G Bullet Cam. [online] Exile Mod. Available at: http://www.exilemod.com/devblog/8g-bullet-cam/ [Accessed 26 Sep. 2016]. Hope to see you all on the server! Regards, TheCuddlyKoala
  2. ArmA 3 Exile Server Changelog 19/08/2016

    [TdS] ArmA 3: Exile Update Notes 19/08/2016 Changelog Added: Roaming AI Added: Territory Spawns Added: Custom welcome messages Added: New status bar Added: Apex Ghillie Suits (NATO & CSAT) to traders Changed: Server restart interval to 4 hours Changed: Maximum view distance in XM8 app to 3000 meters Tweaked: Backpack trader pricing to correspond with capacity Description Roaming AI: Roaming Bandit and Bambi AI (Bambi AI will only attack if threatened) Roaming Bandit and Bambi vehicles (air, land and sea) Loot Crates: Contain various loot and spawn around the map defended by 1-2 Bandit AI Trader Airlines: An AI piloted helicopter that travels between traders landing at each one. Players can enter the helicopter and be flown to the next trader.
  3. [TdS] Gaming Youtube Channel

    Sounds fantastic! If anyone has any relevant content for the TdS YouTube channel, feel free to contact me and we can arrange an upload.
  4. EXILE server ideas

    The server is currently running the following mods: Exile Mod 1.0.0 "Potato" CUP Terrains - Maps 1.2.0 CUP Terrains - Core 1.2.0 CUP Vehicles 1.7.1 CUP Weapons 1.7.1 CUP Units 1.7.0 Community Base Addons v3.0.0 Extended Base Mod All of these mods are available on A3Lancher.
  5. Possably of a new server..

    I'd be up for Exile Tanoa or Chernarus Summer; the majority of the bugs and performance issues should be ironed out come release on the 11th. Regardless, if you're seriously considering renting a server i would be more than happy to donate and support with any other aspect of the server.
  6. BlastCore/JSRS Mod Support

    Both WarFX: BlastCore and J.S.R.S. are fantastic Arma 2 modifications! The J.S.R.S. mod provides a complete rework and upgrade of how Arma 2 sounds while the WarFX: BlastCore mod makes significant visual improvements to various aspects within the game. These mods really do enhance the realism and overall experience of the game and make much needed improvements! I have included both of these mods in all of my Arma 2 servers and they make a huge difference. Bellow are the official ArmaHolic pages of each mod along with some showcases: J.S.R.S. WarFX: BlastCore Community Base Addons (Required to use these modifications) J.S.R.S. Arma 2 Showcase WarFX: Blastcore Arma 2 Showcase
  7. Hello Team Dedicated Soldiers!

    Dear Team Dedicated Soldiers members and staff, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to those of you who have yet to meet me. My name is Noah (Online Alias: TheCuddlyKoala) and i have been good friends with some of the TdS members for a number of years now. As a TdS cadet, I will make my best effort to introduce myself to all of you on TeamSpeak and hopefully get to know each of you in the coming weeks. I am primarily a first person shooter gamer who enjoys titles such as Battlefield, Counter-Strike, Arma and many other popular franchises and games. I have always been a competitive gamer who strives to improve and better my skills. Furthermore, I have had past experience with administration and management in regards to clans and communities and would be more than happy to assist should an opportunity arise. Being in my final years of senior secondary school, you can imagine how limited my spare time usually is. When i am gifted with this rare occurrence, i will make sure to connect to the TeamSpeak and play a few games when possible. If you would like to know more, my Steam and Battlelog profiles will be provided bellow. ● Battlelog Profile ● Steam Profile I look forward to meeting you all! Kind Regards, [glow=blue,2,300]TheCuddlyKoala[/glow]
  8. Battlefield 4 Scrim Server Classic

    Classic Mode is an interesting change; however it does take some getting used to!
  9. Ban Appeal - TheCuddlyKoala

    Dear Team Dedicated Soldiers Staff, The following information corresponds to a ban that i received for the violation of server rules. Date: 30/7/14 Time Approximately: 10:20 PM [TdS] Server: [TdS] BF4 Ranked Server (32 Slot) Map: Paracel Storm Player Name: TheCuddlyKoala Reason: The ban was imposed following a joke which escalated far beyond the intended extent and became a direct breach of server rules. It was an immature act in which i changed my Origin ID various times with the intent of impersonating both members and staff of Team Dedicated Soldiers. I then proceeded to connect to the TdS Battlefield 4 server and obviously caused confusion among players. At the time of the incident i was aware that impersonation of clan members or staff was a blatant violation of the server rules. I completely understand that my actions were not only juvenile but could have potential had negative repercussions for the reputation and image of Team Dedicated Soldiers. I am completely remorseful for my actions and looking back in hindsight realize the stupidity of my actions. The offence i committed was never intended to be an attack on Team Dedicated Soldiers as a clan or any member or staff member within it, it was purely an act of humor which intensified beyond that of the initial intent. Following the ban i have familiarized myself thoroughly with the server rules and believe that i have now obtained a comprehensive understanding of each of the outlined rules. Read Rules: Prior to this conviction i had not read the server rules. Additional Comments: I hope that you are able to conciser my apology and understand the circumstances which surrounded the offense i committed. I honestly love socializing with members and staff of Team Dedicated Soldiers and would hate to see this infringement mark the ending point. Kind Regards and sincerest apologies, TheCuddlyKoala