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  1. Dragon problems :P

    He is 54k hp cute haha took us ages to kill him
  2. Dragon problems :P

    logged in to see this lovely guy had spawned and walked over to our base to say hello.
  3. It was just a idea to throw out there.From what was said last night to now u quitting the server is a complete 180 swing.U didnt care that u got raided its part of the game.Now u qutting??? im kinda confused kinda shit to see u go one less base on the server..
  4. Melee Hunting Season

    LOL best night of pvp ever man was so funny guiding u around with nothing but melee weapons
  5. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Just wanting to know if the 21 day safe opening mod is on and active? if so could it be lowered to like 14 days? got a safe down that hasn't been opened in 25 days but still has not reset to 0000
  6. Walking Zombies

    got my vote. pussy mode really
  7. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    U can get your cars/choppers out of other people's garages is that ment to be like that?
  8. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    New army mission is agood idea part from when u kill all the AI and get upto it it says army was lost and u cant loot it due to it vanishing.Also could u add AI to the book of eli mission its way to easy and u get 300k from it .
  9. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    Mine didnt go according to plan lol l
  10. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    a day night cycle would be cool 2 hours day 1 night.or even the last 45 to 30 min night.... haha goodluck on the car dribbs does look like alot of fun tho.shitttt 1.2 mill for chopper now ekkk
  11. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    haha knew u would be asking this also can we have hemp sell price changed buy for 30k sell for 500 bucks is abit of a bore.
  12. BAN APPEAL for [COB]Jason Date: 01/11/2017 Time Approx: 1714 [TdS] Server: [TdS] Overpoch Cherno Map: Player Name: Jason Reason: killing within 800m of trader Read Rules: Yes Additional Comments:

    800 to 150 sounds very good . Well cut out a lot of drama over the issue.
  14. IDEAS FOR 1.0.6

    thanks for the reply jim.Dont really care what u buy it for just want the sell price to be half or close to it.Like hemp selling for 500 is shit u only get it at one mission at now its not worth taking really.Gun prices are good at what they are just need a few small fixes