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  1. CSGO - some social gaming

    Just interested to know wether anyone here plays CS:GO, myself and the KiT guys have been playing it recently. Hit me up if you want to play some casual or something Steam name; Penguin the Otamatone King
  2. yeah us KiT guys saw him doing the same thing on lockers - its all he does lol, i've never seen him not glitching the map. its like some kind of weird fetish lol. kinda annoying tho
  3. One of the more higher ups has said that, because only three members have said that their interested, he doesn't think that the scrim/practise would work - there's always next time though
  4. not normally but i can ask - most people just run assault because they can heal/revive
  5. Hey there guys, KiT is having friendly and internal scrims every Thursday night so if you wanted to, you guys could have a friendly scrim against us - it's great for practice! The rules would be; Normal scrim weapon rules, so no DLC weapons, no M320s (except M320 FB), no airbursts, no C4, no rockets and no UCAVs. Only a select few Assault Rifles are allowed (most people use M416/AEK-971) Maps/Modes; Domination or TDM on Operation Lockers, Dawnbreaker, Zavod 311 and then a vote for the last map. Oh and the team sizes would have to be either 5v5 or 8v8 (depends on how many players are available on each clan) but if you wanted we could have KiT or TdS players on the other team to even the teams out. EDIT: grammar, spelling.
  6. SQUAD is basically Project Reality made in Unreal Engine 4. Expect better graphics especially and a much better experience over all. Check it out!
  7. Custom PC case that I made :)

    Found this on /r/pcmasterrace; http://imgur.com/a/U2G9B Oh and should have mentioned, it's also a custom one by /u/DiehlGames
  8. Custom PC case that I made :)

    Nice! much better than what I got...
  9. So I came across this... Linkin Park mixed with Britney Spears... https://soundcloud.com/mcfreshdawg3000/crawling-in-my-baby-one-more-time-re-edit
  10. Battlefield 4 Funtage!

    I just uploaded a video on to YouTube that's a Battlefield 4 funtage! It's currently processing but should be done in 30-60 minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BT2BlaJfXEs
  11. Weapon Selection #1: Deagle is OP

  12. Intro- Sygox

    welcome mate
  13. BF4 rules

    I agree it is infruriating, but that may result in lower player counts. maybe we should change them, but if we're concentrating so much on getting the server up&running, should we really enforce rules that may result in fewer members?