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  2. iZurvive (Clan Map)

    Thanks for the tip, seems like it will be a lot of use and can help. I'll be getting it on my Iphone to test it out Thanks!
  3. My name is Dom. Ive played games for many years and when i came to multilayer i usually just played with friends and family. this is the first gaming clan i have joined so its all kind of new to me. Also i do see all shooting games as kinda the same in some ways; which is why i am happy playing BF2 and CS:GO,CS:S and ARMA II DayZ, etc. Favorite games: BF2, Counter Strike (ALL), Killing Floor, ARMA II DayZ, Orcs Must Die 2 Favorite weapon: Anything long distance and has scope. E.g Awp or DakDak (cs:go), DMR or any scopped gun in ARMA II DayZ Favorite vehicle: Helicopters, Planes, Motorbikes Favorite moment: Switching seats from driver/Pilot to a gunner in a helicopter to take out enemy's on either side while falling slowly towards the ground, then switching back to pilot and flying away.