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  1. Bf2, one more time!

    Im happy to chip in
  2. Sniper Elite 4

    this game looks good, I've played v2 or v3 (I don't recall)
  3. has my bf index mouse finger still got what it takes?

  4. Battlefield 5

    thanks for the link Neg
  5. Battlefield 5

    Phil!!!! love you long time!
  6. Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Footage

    no promises but man it does look good (my infantry whoreness is itching to come out of me)
  7. Battlefield 5

    hey all, any links to bf5 at all if any? my right index mouse finger is itching for some BF
  8. ha! Sounds like you guys have lots of fun, that is what it's all about. i had withdrawal symptoms for 2 months, gees didn't think it would take me that long to get over bf2 or gaming. I've made my therapist proud i reckon (tongue in cheek) x - ribby
  9. hi Phil miss ya no bf4 or any games for me at the moment. is there a big bf4 aus community? how packed are servers?
  10. for anyone interested this is the guy featured http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/El_Risitas - ribby
  11. oman?

    GULF OF OMAN was the love of my life - booboo (num num)
  12. User Settings.config File

    try c:\program files (x86) and c:\program files. don't recall if you have 64bit windows 7 or not
  13. User Settings.config File

    has this been solved for you? i assume not since you haven't posted back
  14. maps people want to play

    psycho, had time to do cannon only (Machine GUn - MG only) in the jet? try spending everyday if possible shooting down everything in your sights with this method only, leave those missiles behind next time i see you i will chat with ya
  15. high ping

    i had 3g with lots of rage but with 4g it is fabulous just expensive 12gb for $180.
  16. SFormat 2.0 (BF2 Vintage Cup)

    not when he's my copilot in the chopper or bomber bahahaha
  17. maps people want to play

    It is trial and error, not sure if any suggestions will stick, however it is nice you guys are open to change XD
  18. high ping

    I had telstra wireless and found the modem lasted me 3months, so I changed over to a 4g wireless modem and its been going strong for over 8months now
  19. maps people want to play

    Remove Kubra and add wake
  20. Modern day bf2

    could we have a poll as to the length of an offence, a friendly suggestion try 2-3 days
  21. maps people want to play

    thanks for adding zatar 32 and clean sweep. On behalf of the rest of the players, we thank you GOD
  22. maps people want to play

    add zatar wetlands 64 delete roadrage