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  1. There is currently a game breaking Valkyrie cam glitch on the Bank map. I experienced this on Friday night and thought nothing of it but we were essentially being wall hacked throughout the entire map. Here's the cam glitch
  2. my pc

    Most GPU's will sag especially when they are double or triple fan, I know mine does. The pcb is designed to have a bit of flex so I wouldn't worry too much.
  3. Broke my wrist

    good job, how long you out of action for?
  4. Broke my wrist

    No good mate, hope it heals quickly. Was alcohol involved? 😂
  5. my pc

    Wow Phil What sort of creatures do you share that desk with with?
  6. my pc

    It's not set wrong you need to double that figure. DDR (Double Data Rate) RAM is designed to transfer data twice per clock cycle. It's not how you usually see it but it is correct. My memory runs at 2400mhz
  7. PUBG: Winners

    Nice one mate
  8. Yet another issue

    Geez, even dice fixed this in BF4 years ago. I'm sure Goobisoft can fix this.
  9. Is he a "The Drunken Soldiers" member? I know some of those guys play Arma.
  10. New Platoon system coming to BF1

    Do you have premium @[TdS] RobSnaf?
  11. Epic Moments Rainbow Six Siege

    The last video in this post made it to the front page of the R6 subreddit and got 5k views on Youtube. The Glaz player saw it and sent me his POV. Enjoy
  12. Epic Moments Rainbow Six Siege

    Credit to Sonic