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  1. Permanent Ban

    To appeal a ban please use this link. http://tdsclan.com.au/forms/4-appeal-a-tds-server-ban/?/forms/4-appeal-a-tds-server-ban/=
  2. Bf2, one more time!

    Hey bud, Thanks for letting us know how things are going in the BF2 world ... we dont really have many members still playing Battlefield at all ... and to be honest, the last time I played (years ago), I found it very dated and had trouble playing lol ... I'll have a chat with members, and see if we can drum up any interest.
  3. PUBG Videos

    Epic & Lucky Moments ... Worth the watch ...
  4. Comeing soon SCUM

    That's looking interesting. In like how they're handling the view distance stuff.
  5. Racing Drones

    If anyone is looking for a local supplier, give www.lethalfpv.com.au a go
  6. Hi Res New Map

    You're going to have to download it for the live servers, so I'm not downloading it twice ...
  7. Hi Res New Map

    Thanks, but haven't really had time to play anyway, supposed to go live in a week anyway
  8. Hi Res New Map

    Pff 12GB for test server .... like we all have decent net ... Pff Leaving test servers with new map on until launch of 1.0 .. so everyone can have an advantage of knowing the map, for those who cannot download 12gb ... friggin joke
  9. An idea for the Cherno PvE server

    Hey KBS & welcome to our forums, We take all feedback on-board and will discuss your idea with the leaders, members and players to see if its something we would like to give a go. Personally, I do not play the game, but am sure we will get some more discussion happening about this. Cheers neg
  10. PUBG Videos

  11. first game

    Smokey, Smokey SMOKEE!! Yeah well he dosn't visit the forums, so I can abuse him here with out repercussions :-) Give him a call and find out whats going on, if I see him in game Ill see if I can find out. Come to TS sometime mate, its been ages
  12. speedtest

    There are some good mobile deals around, although I would only go Telstra, or someone like Aldi who onsell Telstra wholesale. If you were to go down this path, I'd make sure all updates are turned off whilst using your mobile connection (Windows 10 has this feature, turn off windows updates on metered connections). You can use most smartphones and set it up as a mobile hotspot, so you computer connects to the phone via wireless and uses the internet connection from the mobile phone, or tablet if you have a 3g/4g enabled device. https://www.aldimobile.com.au/plans/datapacks/ I have Aldi mobile, and have gamed using it, although depending on your mobile coverage, it may not be as good, but it would be worth testing out. If its something you want to look into more, PM me and we can have a chat, maybe someone else might have something to add to the conversation.
  13. first game

    Keen as to have a game with you mate, but I have not updated BF1 since almost launch. Have you installed PUBG yet?
  14. speedtest

    And we think we've got it bad hey ... You don't have any mobile reception there either do you Phil?
  15. Destiny 2 Instaban?

    ALL BANS ARE PERMANENT what a friggin joke, can you imagine how many people are going to get caught out by this!