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  1. my pc

    Very clean Neg, nice work mate! And hey old friends... I had some spare time so I thought I'd creep in and see what's going on. I built a new PC a few months back, it can definitely game... but between work and my startup, I've got 0 time. I do miss gaming though! As for my rig and setup... here's mine....
  2. [TdS] Website - Upgrade 11/6/2016

    Hmmm... as a Digital professional with 15 years enterprise CMS experience, and as 7 years as a Digital Solutions Architect, I'm 100% positive it can be done mate...
  3. [TdS] Website - Upgrade 11/6/2016

    13 Hours!!!!! This is why you guys setup a subdomain, do the migration on there well ahead of time, then we ready, just change up some DNS and *poof*, all good and done! Actual website downtime: 0 seconds
  4. Wacom Tablet

    YES! I have used an Intuos back in the day when I was a gfx designer, loved it beyond belief!! I would recommend the Intuous over the other one any day of the week
  5. Need some testing on my new website.

    Nice work Compot, I didn't know you had a website itch to you! Now Neg can ask you for help when he decides to finally use a proper CMS system and you can tell him how easy WordPress is to use. A few technical things: - Logo is a bit blurry. It looks crisp when hover and animation kicks in, but a little to edged (that's CSS3 animation for you though) -- I would recommend using a SVG logo instead... embed the code element and then you don't need to worry about retina pixels on different devices. - You're referencing absolute URLs in your images and I would try to move away from that.. It may be the plugin or WP doing that, so you may not be able to change it. I do see you are referncing the links via '//' which means you're letting any HTTP(S) protocol work, which is ideal, so keep that. -- I would recommend you go SSL (HTTPS) as Google ranks secure sites higher than non-secure. But this doesn't really kick in until you start SEO/SEM and advertising, so it's more of a preference than a requirement at this stage - I see you're using an image protection script to disable right-clicks... -- I would recommend you get rid of it. In Chrome... F12, Sources, go to your wp-content folder and I can download all your images in a single click. No need to load the extra plugin, put int he extra resources in the request header and add additional ms to the load. Watermark your images mate and let people grab them if they want. See attached image... - For the hover colours, I would actually keep them as they are purely because you have different images of shades and tints and you'll never get a colour that looks perfect across all the different possible photo options and the light grey is inline with the rest of the theme, so it works and is consistent. - One thing that I don't like to much about the theme, is the lack of borders. I was never fan of just putting an image on a site and nothing to help decorate it, nor do I like leaving a big hero banner to sit on the site and not separate it from the rest. -- I would recommend adding a 1px #ccc border on the bottom of the main hero banner (but also with a 1px space so the border can be seen), then a top/bottom border on your parallax images down the homepage. Additionally, I would consider a 1px trim around the portfolio images you have on the homepage. Not sure if the theme allows this, but it would help bring the photos out from the whitespace on the page. - Lastly, and I really hate to say this mate... you paid to much for your theme... $199... ouch!! -- Next time check out Theme Forest, a good place for lots of themes. Most of this is technical/asthetics, the site overall looks well put together, so definitely good work. Now go and tell Neg to start using WordPress!
  6. New Look Forum

    Nice work neg!!
  7. April Special Forces Weekend

    I know what UT99 is and used to play UT2K4 competitively! Wish they bought back the UT2K4 style game, super fast paced, awesome guns, serious hand-eye coordination required! Game would be too fast paced for me now, but always fun
  8. Hackusations from [WLAU]Banshee

  9. Thought you guys might like this.

    Awesome, thanks mate! I will def check out this evening!
  10. Proud2BInfidel Hung Up on a Roof

    HAHAHA! That's how I roll yo! Mad ATV driving skillz! TBH - KB died and I couldn't move =(
  11. This is awesome Teamwork

    Came across these two vids this morning while having my coffee... This is some GREAT teamwork and awesome communication. This type of gameplay is what I love! Episode 2 - CTF Episode 1 - CTF (Riverside)
  12. Bf3 server

    "Always have fun" being the key here!
  13. Battlefield 4 Image Leaked

    Game images are being released! https://fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/891710_10151371538802672_1207216454_o.jpg https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/893526_10151371388442672_59049696_o.jpg https://fbcdn-sphotos-b-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/891616_10151371724867672_725649741_o.jpg
  14. Battlefield 4 Image Leaked

    BTW - They pushed it back to March 27th now instead of the 26th.... Is this a taste of how BF4 is going to be??