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  1. RIP Luke Skywalker STAR WARS Battlefront

    Poor Luke :'( he didnt deserve to die in such a cruel manner :'(
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpEvD0HkoWg
  3. state of origin for BF4 players

    Sweet I'll be there
  4. state of origin for BF4 players

    Yea that sucks I'm down in Wellington next wkend with no PC... will miss it.
  5. [TdS] Battle Of The States And Country's BF4 NSW Vs NZ

    Edit: was irrelevant admin please remove my post if see
  6. state of origin for BF4 players

    Ok sorry for not making it lol will set myself an alarm for next week xD
  7. state of origin for BF4 players

    Yeah I would be keen note me down for NZ
  8. New Rig

    Man it makes me jealous that laptop looks so good on paper and in picture Great buy puts a pretty big hole in the pocket though
  9. New Website Theme live!

    Looks awesome Neg I love it great work!
  10. New Features & Issues on Website

    Wow Neg, fantastic work! It looks awesome and feels so smooth haha keep it up!
  11. system restore

    that's good news Phil
  12. system restore

    Yeah agree with person who said to uninstall AMD drivers. Restart after express uninstalling via the AMD Catalyst Install Manager in Programs and features under Control Panel. Then go to AMD's website and download previous version that work.
  13. how i feel while in traffic

    First one is best lol xD
  14. SC2 Legacy of the Void

    Okay, so I'm this huge StarCraft fan, since the old days of Brood Wars pretty much since I've beeen old enough to play it. And now the final expansion to StarCraft II is available to pre-order, Legacy of the Void. I'm just curious about people's thoughts on this and whether anyone else other than me will be pre-ordering it?
  15. windows 10

    if you already own a copy of win7/8 definitely go for the upgrade it will bring big improvements to performance in games etc. in the future. Also it does seem to be more user friendly than windows 8 though I haven't used it myself to see. I will be upgrading to 10 in the future when more games support directx 12