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  1. Stupid question for the day

    Re the Nathantelford banning, how does that all work excuse my ignorance. I assume Master137 or whoever was banned somewhere for being a tool, so therefore his/her guid is on record at PB. So when Nathantelford shows up with same guid, it is shown that he/she is the same person who was caught being a tool, and therefore banned, correct? I know it may be simple, but i'm a simple kind of guy , and sometimes need a bit more explanation
  2. Stupid question for the day

    so how are issues avoided by you guys eg where an account has been hacked and The Tool is using an innocent parties name? A lot of this happened on our server due to a certain couple of people a while back, believe this was fixed in the last patch though?
  3. errr... me

    Had a few moments where flying controls were less than ideal the other night (Friday), resulting in what may appear as ramming heli's. Well, rest assured, it was my ineptitude at flying rather than any intentional cheap kills. Sorry Fellas. On another note, when the Auto Admin was telling me off for the above, is there a number of times you can get away with it before you get kicked?