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  1. Unban

    ok thanks mate
  2. Unban

    So will my ban be lifted considering it was all a misunderstanding?
  3. Unban

    i was banned for wearing it, i only lasted about 5 minutes haha
  4. Unban

    When i said "screw tds" i meant screw being on your server at that time due to the fact i had 1000 plus ping, it wasn't supposed to sound negative towards your clan it just obviously came out wrong, so therefore i am sorry for this misunderstanding. Also i am not RG*Jordan1711 and i had a =T1P= tag on because i was on there server reeking havoc because i believe their way of attaining points is pathetic. I appreciate your time in looking over this request and i promise to not intentionally or unintentionally disrespect your clan in any way shape or form.
  5. Unban

    Requesting unban. i haven't broken any rules plus tds is one of a couple australian servers still populated.