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  1. I enjoyed bf4 somewhat (probably would have enjoyed it more if I bought it when it was newer and the community hadn't progressed so much) but the whole thing kind of feels like a drug trip. You're constantly getting positive feedback for doing relatively little and you almost wouldn't notice you got a double-headshot if it didn't come up on screen telling you as much. When I play it I kind of feel like the purpose of the game is just to make sentences pop up on my screen telling me I'm doing good things while a modern day war movie takes place around me haha. I won't deny that I'm sentimental about a lot of older titles I grew up on but there's also been a definite trend to a more add/adhd style of gaming because it's like sugar especially to millennials. So many good games were watered down with instant gratification that ultimately makes them favour relentlessly spammy, hyper-aggressive plays as standard tactics rather than a gameplay choice. eg. in bf2 there were real consequences to holding certain positions on the map whether because they're a chokepoint, a key flag with assets or maybe just a staging flag that would threaten an important position. Squad composition, player gameplay choices and especially decisions made by an SL with risk vs squad-support were huge - that was a meta in itself - and as much as these things are still somewhat present in bf4 they're usually watered down by the lack of consequence.
  2. Some of the threads in the linked mpgh forum are pretty funny "We're gentlemen hackers" "We have a great family here" "I make cheats for personal use in campaign / private servers / sessions. Not to harm other players." filthy degenerates
  3. [TdS] Website - Upgrade 11/6/2016

    New site looks great
  4. Taking the skins off died bodys

    Scalping? lol
  5. Greetings

    What's your steam? Just asking because on your app it said you play CS
  6. Sgt. Stubby for BF1

    Wojtek was and will always remain cooler https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wojtek_%28bear%29
  7. challenge accepted ....If I can get bf4 to run.
  8. Battlefield 5 revealed as Battlefield 1

    C4 didn't exist back then dude
  9. Battlefield 5 World Premiere

    I doubt they'll change anything that detracts from the pace of them game. I'm just hoping they get rid of all that filthy attachment/modification garbage.
  10. Tax Time Build

    I pretty much stopped keeping up to date on all the latest parts when I realised they were going to do it for me Now whenever I need to upgrade or whatever I just look at what they've listed and start researching from there
  11. Battlefield 5

    please for the love of god DO NOT PRE ORDER THIS GAME
  12. Tax Time Build

    Compot mate he's perfectly happy to drop $2500 on it, don't think he needs or wants anything second hand.
  13. Tax Time Build

  14. Discord a Teamspeak replacement

    No offence but Discord is something for a smallish group of mates that just want to chat and share links while they game with each other, not really something for a gaming clan and tbh I'd prefer using proper dedicated VOIP software like Mumble, TS etc. just for the latency. Not that Discord doesn't have some cool features that it would be cool to see TS integrate but yeah, its not dedicated VOIP software and it would be just really clunky if you tried to put a clan into one server. Not to mention that Teamspeak is still essentially the industry standard for PC gaming clans so any clan that has a Discord instead of a Teamspeak/mumble is going to seem like its essentially just a bunch of high school kids.