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  1. Server Suggestions

    Hi Jim, Thank you! I logged on this morning and noticed that the Northern traders prices had changed which is fantastic. It will make the server so much more playable beyond base building. Exploring The other hero trader, which used to be the old bandit trader still has the old prices applied. Thanks again, I'm keen to get into the server after work and play with some of the new hardware. Cheers, Blyth
  2. Server Suggestions

    Hi Guys, (Just a quick note, I didn't include some platforms the trader offers as their price is apt or the item isn't of any real use and/or didn't need a price change) I assembled a list of suggested PVE pricing on prices from the Hero dealers on Heli's and Mech Armor. The prices take into account the armor value and for some platforms the power of the equipped weapons. The weakness in any armoured chopper or mech platform versus AI is the platforms armour value. Fixed or mobile 50 cal break down armour quickly thus lower armoured helis or mech suffer. More so weaponized mech as they also face the risk of AI willing to deploy anti-armour rockets. The barrier to buy is the 5K humanity, so it will prevent PVP idiots, but also somewhat reward time spent on the server. Armed Helicoptors Name Class Armor Weapons Current Buy Price Current Resale Price Suggested Buy Price Suggested Sell Price AH6J_DZE AH6J_EP1_DZE 25 M134 2 Mil 600K 100K 60K AH6J AH6J_EP1 25 Hydra, M134 1 Mil 500K 160K 90K Mi24D Mi24P Mi24V Mi24_D Mi24_P Mi24_V 33 ea Mixed across variants 2.5 Mil 1.25Mil 1.75 Mil 1 Mil Wildcat AH11 AW159_Lynx_BAF 60 CRV7 Missiles 3.5Mill 1.25Mil 1.25 Mill 750K Ka60 (M32) Ka60_GL-PMC 60 S-5 M32 1.3 Mil 700K NoChange NoChange Merlin HC3 BAF_Merlin_HC3_D (same as Air Trader) 60 Flares 1.0 Mil 500K 200K 125K MH-60S AL MH-60S_DZE 35 2xM240 1.0 Mill 500K 600K 350K Mi-8MTV-3 Mi17_rockets_RU 25 S5,Flares,PKTx2,PKT 2.5Mil 1.25 Mil 700K 400K Mi171Sh Mi171Sh_rockets_CZ_EP1 25 S5,Flares,PKTx2 2.5 Mil 1.25Mil 650K 425K UH-13B Pook_H13_transport_INS 25 Smokes, Grenade x2,M60 100K 50K 75K 60K AH13H Pook_13_gunship 25 Grenade, M60 180K 90K 65K 45K Mechanised Armour Mechanised Armor. The same largely applies. Armor verses AI is countered by the AI shoulder RPG18 and M136, the Javelin is the real danger on missions. AI are slow but deliberate with mech armour counter measures. Name Class Armor Weapons Current Buy Price Current Resale Price Suggested Buy Price Suggested Sell Price HMMWV SOV AL HMMWV_M998A2_SOV_DES_EP1_DZE 40 Mk19 Gren Launcher, M240 100K 50K 80K 50K Humvee M2 HMMWV_M2_DZ 40 M2 216K 108K 125K 80K Military Offroad Special AL LandRover_Special_CZ_EP1_DZE 30 AGS-30, PKT 100K 50K 90K 60K Military Offroad (M2) AL LandRover_MG_TK_EP1_DZE 30 M2 Machinegun 100K 50K 60K 50K BTR-90 BTR-90 150 2A42,PKT,9M113,AGs17 6Mil 3Mil 2.5Mil 1.75Mil BTR-90 (HQ) BTR-90_HQ 150 Smokes, PKT 3Mil 1.5M 1Mil 700K Vodnik (2xPK) AL GAZ_Vodnik_DZE 85 PKTx2 200K 100K 125K 80K LAV25 (HQ) LAV25_HQ 150 Smokes, M240 3Mil 1.5M 1.75Mil 1.5Mil LAV25 LAV25 150 M242, M240 6Mil 3Mill 2 Mil 1.75Mil BMP2 BMP2_CDF 250 2A42,PKT,9M113 12Mil 6Mill 2.8Mil 2Mil BMP3 BMP3 300 2A72, 2A70, PKT, 9M117 15 Mil 7.5Mil 3.5Mil 2.25Mil Name Class Armor Weapons Current Buy Price Current Resale Price Suggested Buy Price Suggested Sell Price T-90 T90 800 2A46M Canon, 9M119M Rocket, PKT 25Mil 10Mil 7.5 Mil 6 Mill T-72 T72_CDF 690 D-81, PKT 20Mil 9Mil 6Mil 4.5Mil T-34 T34_TK_GUE_EP1 300 ZiS-S-53, DS 15Mil 7.5Mil 3.5Mil 2.25Mil M2A2 Bradley IFV M2A2_EP1 300 M242, M240, M220 Tow 18Mil 7Mil 3.5Mil 2.25Mil M2A3 ERA Bradley IFV M2A3_EP1 400 M242, M240, M220 Tow 21Mil 8Mil 3.8Mil 2.75Mil M6 Linebacker M6_EP1 300 M242, M240, FIM-92F Stinger 18Mil 7Mil 3.5Mil 2.75Mil FV510 Warrior 2 BAF_FV510_W 850 CTWS, L94A1 Chain 18Mil 7Mil 7.5Mil 6Mil M1A1 M1A1_US_DES_EP1 850 M256, M240 22.5 Mil 10Mil 7.5Mil 6Mil M1A2 Tusk M1A2_US_TUSK_MG_EP1 900 M256, M240 25 Mil 12Mil 7.75Mil 6Mil HMMWV Avenger HMMWV_Avenger_DES_EP1 150 FIM92 Stinger, M3P 2Mil 1Mil 250K 150K AAVP7A1 AAV 210 Mk19, M2, Smoke 18Mil 9Mil 750K 550K Jackal 2 MWMIK (GMG) BAF_Jackal2_GMG_W 30 Machine Gun? Not listed – Very low armour 1Mil 500K 150K 130K Jackal 2 MWMIK (HMG) BAF_Jackal2_L2A1_W 30 Grenade?? Not listed – Very low armour 1Mil 500K 110K 100K Stryker MGS M1128_MGS_EP1 150 M68, M2, Smokes 15 Mil 5Mil 1.25Mil 950K Stryker MC M1129_MC_EP1 160 M120 – Mortar. 15 Mil 5Mil 1.00MIl 950K BRDM-2 BRDM2_CDF + BRDM2_GUE + BRDM2_INS 120 KPVT, PKT 4 Mil 2Mil 950K 700K SUV Armored ArmoredSUV_PMC_DZE 80 M134 Chain Gun 1 Mill 350K 500K 400K
  3. Server Suggestions

    Hi Jim, Just checked out the rockets on the heli. The Hydra rockets are firing without booting. Thank You!
  4. Server Suggestions

    Hi Guys, Rather than make a new thread. I purchased an attack Helio yesterday (Nice to see the lower PVE friendly prices =). The Hydra missiles are causing an illegal creation error resulting in BattleEYE booting the player.
  5. Server Suggestions

    Fantastic guys! Pony, all cool. I'm flat out till Sunday marking University exams before the deadline. So I'm limited myself to later evenings online. Thinking about this a little more. We could actually change one of the two boat sellers on the coast and maybe one of the two wholesalers to add more tiered Hero Vendors. So: Hero Vendor 5K+ Hero Vendor 30K+ Hero Vendor 60K+ Hero Vendor 100K+ Add one more vendor inside an AI infested Island for a Hero Vendor 300K + = Some very cheap special weapons and weapon platforms like a fixed 50cal for their base or the Gauss Rifle (in one of Frankies Object ALL Dayz videos.) http://www.dayzdb.com/database/er7-rfw Each will offer various weapons of increasing armor value while restricting fire power as there needs to be a challenge and danger of not completing the mission regardless of the arsenal of heavy weapons.
  6. Server Suggestions

    Hi Jim, Thank you again for your time and speed in adding in the suggestions. I am quite mindful that you provide the suggested improvements to the server in your free time. As an admin to my own Epoch server about a year ago the demands on time are not lost on me. I have been thinking about ways to improve the PVE user experiences of the server. Seems to me that Epoch and some mods are set-up with PVP in mind. Which somewhat leaves the PVE players to adapt around the well-designed mods. Thinking about the spawn mod which equips the player with an appropriate aligned gear with their humanity level there may be an opportunity here to expand on this mod for Hero PVE? From personal experience, it is completely feasible for players on the server to exceed well beyond 60K humanity, yet the mod offers Bandit spawn categories. 1) Can these bandit categories be changed to Hero and offer spawn progressively improved loot at say 80K, 100K, 120K, 140K and 160K? 2) There are two hero vendors which can aid is the feeling of progression and increase the fun options. One vendor can be accessed at 5K and the other at 30K. As a player’s humanity progresses so does their access to increasingly better armoured and equipped vehicles or aimed firepower. Doing do will ideally introduce some new vehicles where pricing will be restrictive, but not preventing replacement due to AI carrying (and willing to use) RPG and Javlin’s. That alone is a nice PVE learning curve. A heavily armoured vehicle doesn’t always win against AI. (Ask Sadaris) · The anti-cheat upside is that knuckle heads who dupe won’t be able to get weapons platforms or OP arms without long term engagement and being found out. · The tiering will encourage fellow players engagement with missions. I have a lot of time on my hands over the couple of weeks, I am quite happy to create the needed work in all the tiers for spawning and for the hero vendors. These are some raw ideas...
  7. Server Suggestions

    Whoops, double post.
  8. Server Suggestions

    Hi Guys, The server seems to be growing with the server capacity of 16 slots being reached over the last couple of days during peak hours. I thought of a couple of small ways to improve the server's already good playability. 1) The new 4 hour restarts are fantastic. But it would be great to change the in-game time after restarts. Rather than 12PM? to 4PM, which can get a little dark nearer to restart times. Is it possible to have the server to start the play time with 10AM to 2PM? 2) The ammo clips are quite expensive from both traders and hero traders at 8K per clip. 4K is more reasonable. The M107 clips from hero traders make the weapons unuseable at 50K per clip. I would suggest 7K per clip? 50K per M107 clip makes sense on a PVP server, the AS50 and the M107 are overpowered vs another player. On a PVE server, AI do need a large round to the head or in their bot arse. The AS50 (and M107?) weapon itself probably needs a price drop from 1 Mil coin to around 200K coin. 1M seems like a PVP restriction. 3) The UH60M that spawns with missions has lost its TOW/Lift ability from the previous server. A small issue, I know, but quite frustrating after dieing many times with the hope using it to do everything other choppers can do. More frustrating if it is your only chopper in the virtual stable and you need to lift a ural after clearing a mission. 4) Some of the smaller missions, the red hash circles appear to only spawn Epoch weapons rather than Overpoch weapons. Awesome server guys, it's setup with the mods make it lots of fun to play. Please don't mistake the above suggestions as not being really grateful to play on the server.