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  1. Roadblock at Kabanino

    Hi Guys, I was on this morning and nearly wiped out on a cinder wall roadblock some bright spark has set up at Kabanino. Cheers, KBS
  2. Yup, I totally understand what everybody is saying. And I would never want anybody to leave because of it. And I would also never want it to become a PvP server, the main reason I'm here is because I detest 24/7 PvP servers. I however, wasn't suggesting an every weekend event. We used to do it 3 maybe 4 times a year. It was well promoted prior to the date and everybody enjoyed it. The idea of the Skalisty super base is appealing, and changing it to a PvP event a few times a year as well, but I think modifications to reduce the server load would be required for smooth gameplay. And also, we all have lives outside of DayZ, this I fully understand. The scripts would take me months to work through and test, and its not a little job. It was just an idea for everybody to perhaps blow off a little steam every now and then. KBS
  3. Just floating an idea to trick it up a little, but harking back to the days when i owned and ran my own PvE server. What i used to do was hold weekend events from mid evening Friday to mid evening Sunday. I would advertise it in server messages for the week prior and I would save a snapshot of the database and have a weekend of PvP or change the map and have a battle royale. I would cancel restarts, reduce spawn rates. OP the roaming and mission AI, reduce the mission spawns, basically set it up to be a hardcore weekend and try to reduce the server load to enable it to handle a 24/36/48 hr period. Admins were on hand during the entire weekend to handle any mission/spawn issues. Any player issues were on a "tough luck/get over it" basis. We had a few regulars who didn't like it and simply stayed off the server until the event was over. But we found it to be an awesome release every now and then and a bit of good fun for both players and Admin. At the end of the weekend, I would simply re-install the map and database and everything would be back to normal. Just floating the idea to see what people think and if we should put it to Jim to see what he thinks and if its possible to do it. Cheers, KBS