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  1. PVE Server Shut Down

    Sad news without a doubt, thanks for all the good time lads. Take care. Michael
  2. An idea for the Cherno PvE server

    Just throwing my 2¢ in on this one. Although a good idea, we didn't see a lot of users on a steady basis on the PVP servers which led to their eventual and understandable closing. If we were to implement this, would we not isolate those weekend gamers who want to play PVE only and are only available on weekends and they will end up not to not wanting to play the server at all or less then they do/can already? I've been playing on the PVE server for a while now and mainly play on weekends as my work carries into the night most weekdays. The PVE element is what I enjoy playing, taking that away for the bulk of the time I have free would limit how often I log in to the server, I'm sure they may be some others with me on this one. What would be cool is to have a separate area for PVP only. Anything lost in there is fair game, if you want to roam the specified area (a walled off city perhaps) then it shouldn't matter what gear you loose or vics taken because its your choice to enter the area. Also remove the humanity minus effect if possible...anyone who PVPs outside this zone can be banned anyway. I'm all for a monthly event or something similar but every weekend may do more damage then good to the existing players. Michael
  3. Destiny 2 Instaban?

    Anyone seen this yet, worth a read to be safe for anyone jumping on tonight... https://www.reddit.com/r/destiny2/comments/78jo4y/psa_avoid_getting_instantly_banned/
  4. Server Suggestions

    Awesome thanks Jim! Guess I'm buying a few tanks tonight
  5. Base deconstructing before my eyes

    Thanks Zombie, much appreciated
  6. Base deconstructing before my eyes

    Puzzling to say the least, no one has had access to be able to move or access the plot pole.
  7. Base deconstructing before my eyes

    Picked up and moved up by 5 floors to allow for the top part of my base to be built.
  8. Base deconstructing before my eyes

    Pesky little bugger ain't they
  9. Base deconstructing before my eyes

    Thanks mate, it hasn't returned I have been working on rebuilding it. Just thought I would bite the bullet and replace the missing parts.
  10. Base deconstructing before my eyes

    Yeah I know dude, did a force maintain last weekend and this still happened. I do one every two weeks religiously to be safe. If I hadn't, wouldn't the bottom part of my base disappeared?
  11. Base deconstructing before my eyes

    Had a slight shock tonight when logging in, it appear my base is just disappearing before I have a chance to do anything. I've maintained in the last 7 days, and if I didn't I'm sure the lower levels would have disappeared by now. Not sure what's going on, I've done a force maintain tonight to hope it stops the process. Anyone able to offer any advice or assistance please?
  12. Destiny 2 Clan

    I'm up for this without a doubt. Tbone I was the same, playing with people heightened the experience.
  13. Inventory wiping on relog

    Got it all working, removed all the folders in the Steam directory, downloaded DayZ Launcher, copied all folders into DayZ Launcher folders and then ran the game without any issues. Thanks dude
  14. Inventory wiping on relog

    Still no joy Jim, verified my Arma2 and OA through Steam and is still the same as the before screenshot with my gear being wiped. Current options for launching- "-mod=@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch"
  15. Inventory wiping on relog

    Have a slight problem with my character profile. IGN is Michael. I was playing this morning around 7:30, got some weapons and gear to start off with. After logging out and jumping back on again this afternoon all my inv has gone. Pony came to assist with a key and some gear for my vehicle. Tested relogging again to see if there was an issue and its wiped my gear again. Backpack is kept in tact but its like my character is starting new again, nothing apart from basics in tool-belt, sidearm reset to a starting pistol and nothing in either weapon slot. My gear looks like this which may be related: