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  1. A decision

    For something that will make you giggle, have a look at Brezza's new post. Some good memories!
  2. Force Maintain Plot Poles

    Hello Everyone! Just a reminder for those of you who don't know, in order to maintain your base and keep all of your buildings there, you will need to: 1. Scroll on plot pole 2. Select force maintain This will cost a pretty penny but will ensure that your base remains safe and secure! This will need to be payed at least once every 21 days! Failure to do so will cause your base to decay and disappear! So make sure you pay up! Happy gaming! [TdS] Ryan
  3. PVP Server wiped today 12 june 2017

    You keep mentioning these 11 "hardcore gamers" that the server has lost. These so called regular players. Who are they? I can think of a handful off the top of my head but not 11. And as for helping new players, Shootcity, myself and our group, even though we were bandits humanity wise, we spent loads of time and money helping out new players! Giving them a place to live, money, guns ect. Some of which we play with on the regular now on the new server! All of the players that were at the meeting are definite regulars. Name 1 that isn't. The meeting was also at a reasonable hour. "the admins rolling it back and wiping the server was no different to what the hacker did." How does this make sense at all? They rolled it back to allow everyone to have some fun while the new server was being put together. The hacker came on and deleted the bases without warning. The Admins FIXED this issue and allowed us to enjoy ourselves before the wipe. "U only know a small group of people on there, thats why your unaware of alot of other thoughts on the matter, most couldnt be bothered to comment" Iv'e been playing on this server for a couple of months now almost everyday, so i have made myself aware of the regulars to the server. I am unaware of the thoughts of those who rarely come on because i never get a chance to speak to them. And as for most not being bothered to comment, how is that any of the admins fault? Don't complain if you guys "cant be bothered". "Spoon fed comment made me laugh, too easy, what with harder ai missions?" Glad it made you laugh. Yes the harder ai missions would obviously make it harder, even though at the minute i believe the ai missions are perfect difficulty wise. Its the banks at all traders and things like that that make it easier. Takes the risk out of going to the bandit trader or wholesaler. And the missions are pretty spread out? And these "coward kills" you speak of, how will "spreading out" the missions stop this? Just go to a popular mission and wait. Pretty easy. Camping a mission is a bandit thing, hence why i sometimes do it. But it usually ends with me killing the ai and leaving the area so they can get the gear. I just do it for the humanity and the enjoyment of getting long ranged kills. This is a pvp server so you have got to expect to be shot at... And how does me liking the coast spawns and no pook parts in backpack make me want it easier? It means that you cant just run out in the field as bait or kamikaze a player. It makes the game harder. "but u did'nt fix anything as we still lost the lot!" They did fix it? The server was going to get wiped regardless of the hacker. These new rules and format have been for the better of the server, as both myself and my group find it more enjoyable without constantly getting rammed by pooks or having players constantly spawning right next to us. It has also seen the server increase in popularity, even with your "11 hardcore heroes" gone. "U should've implemented those new ideas and format into your lingor island server." The Lingor island server is going to be the "easier" of the servers, being fully militarised with traders and shit everywhere. "no base raiding" Now where is the fun in that? Anyway no point arguing about it all now. I've been having twice the amount of fun on the new server compared to the old one. Hope your "hardcore hero" friends and yourself enjoy your new server. Adios xxx
  4. PVP Server wiped today 12 june 2017

    Lonewolf, out of the regular players that play on the server, majority of them were at the meeting. How many of that 775 have played more that a couple of hours? I can imagine the point of rolling back was so that we could blow all our money and have some fun, which is what we did. And now this wipe presents itself as anew challenge. Everyone that i have talked to is happy with the wipe or is unphased so i dont know who is disappointed with the decision. And as for compensation there is a starter builder pack given to all new players that is more than enough to get started. It seems like you want everything spoon fed to you so that it is too easy. Majority of your suggestions would make the game too easy or too much like PVE. This is a pvp server so you will die and you will get raided. My friends and I are all very excited by the new server and have been having a ball! And once everything has been implemented it will be superior to all other servers imo. Looking forward to the future. And as for the meeting, Zombie did clarify multiple times that the new server will start fresh and mentioned all the changes being made. So you obviously didn't listen hard enough. Enjoy your new server though! Hope it isnt too hard for you xx
  5. Lol was just about to report him xD Also steely was apparently duping as well according to Jackson