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  1. HaPpY NeW yEaR

    Happy New Year one and all
  2. Merry X-mas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. Probably not around much from mid Jan until Easter with work but all the best for the future
  3. PVE Server Shut Down

    A real shame but everything has it's day. Too many changes needed in the end. Thanks to all the players who made my life fairly easy over the last 6 months and especially to Jim for all his hard work behind the scenes. Pony
  4. Roadblock at Kabanino

    Dealt with, unfortunately we have a player who either doesn't understand or more likely doesn't care for the rules. its not the first time I've had to deal with something from him and had hoped he wasn't coming back
  5. An idea for the Cherno PvE server

    Apologies, thought I'd already replied to this but it seems I never submitted it. Old Age On the face of it KBS sounds great however I'm not sure it would work with our current player group. Most players tend to be online at weekends with an hour here and an hour there during the week. If we spend all weekend with PvP then effectively we would become a PvP server. We have a high turn over of players currently which isn't helping either, in short its too easy to come on, get set up with a base and decent vehicles, play for a day or so, get bored and then never come back. There are anywhere from 30-50 bases on the server at any given time and at most a dozen regulars who's gaming time varies and rarely on together. Due to the current setup, i.e. 10 mill on start-up and the low trader prices for high end mil vehicles and equipment I believe we've effectively created a PvP environment on a PVE server and we need to change that. Jim has mail from myself about certain changes I'd like but its finding the time to implement them as he's very busy in the RW at the moment. I do like the PVP area idea from Loki. I've always like the Skalisty Super base Script which spawns a large mission every server restart on the Island, it encourages players to work together but it could be easily turned into a PVP environment either permanently or for an event and because its on the Island its easy to police from an Admin point of view. We are a very popular PvE server and I believe one of the best scripted but we can always improve, lets keep this thread going with more input for ideas. Pony
  6. Player Name RSX01 Date & Time 30/10/17 2030 Game Chernarus PVE [TdS] Server [TdS] Chernarus Overpoch Server Map Offence stealing Kicked yes Ban Duration perm Comments player reported for looting from other players vehicle and refusing to pass coin on from same player. initially tried to deny it and blamed language barrier. Returned money to admin as its was a "misunderstanding" but then admitted to looting Vehicle as well
  7. Server Cleanup 28/10/17

    First stage done, now for players to start reducing their vehicles or use a virtual garage. Pound is at sW corner of map, use your vehicle locator
  8. Server Cleanup 28/10/17

    Please Remind Everyone guys I will be starting this when I get home from work Friday Afternoon. Ideally all vehicles to be in a virtual garage or at the very least inside a plot pole radius.
  9. Server Cleanup 28/10/17

    Guys I've been busy with work for the last few weeks so only now getting on top of things. I intend to conduct a full cleanup next Friday 28th October. With over 50 bases on the server and some players having large vehicle collections we are having a few minor issues. Please Can I ask all players to sell/get rid of all unwanted vehicles or store them in a virtual garage. You only need one Garage per plot pole and as long as players are named on the pole you can all have access to your own vehicles from the same physical garage. Secondly we seem to have seen a rise in players leaving vehicles at traders inside the safe zones. I will delete/move as required from now on. That's both circles not just the inner one. All the best Pony
  10. Server Suggestions

    Hi jim, For me its about setting targets and keeping people interested. For some that's building the biggest base, for others collecting the most coin, Tana went through stages of just wanting to be number one on the server list so he spent weeks killing zombies and surviving old school style to get his score up. For others though its a humanity thing and thats why I like the different levels of load out and I think different level of traders would help that. 5k these days isn't the far away target it once was for the majority of players. The only other thing I thought about was Server Vehicle levels. Doesn't seem to take many to stop or reduce fresh vehicle spawns, I know that it doesn't help server loading but maybe increase the amounts. Pony
  11. Server Suggestions

    Looks good to me Blyth, nice work. personally would like to see the western Hero be a 10K trader and sell only the better weapons/vehicles, keeping the weaker vehicles for the NE Hero.
  12. Old Dog

  13. Server Suggestions

    Blyth, unfortunately I'm really busy with work until the weekend so offline until then but would love to chat. Some great ideas around the server and hopefully Jim can sort it out. See you in game when work allows
  14. Player Name Black Date & Time 16/9/17 1400 Game Chernarus PVE [TdS] Server [TdS] Chernarus Overpoch Server Map Offence PVP Kicked yes Ban Duration temp Comments Repeated PVP on PVE server. Had negative humanity, admitted to multiple killing of players and then tried to BS Admin

    Cheers Parked Bus. Glad you are enjoying things