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  1. sector B

    Sounds like 1 a those things you could do with a trusty 9mm! :-P
  2. [TdS] Squad Server LIVE!

    That's fair comment neg but a little rough Steam felt it advanced enough to put a 55 USD price tag to it. That imo is not right concidering the content, bugs and lack off anti-cheat software. Honestly I had the idea it was further advanced. I still have the game so will see what happens down the track I guess. Steam rejected my claim as I had apparently played it for 19 hrs. Actually played it for about 3 hrs! That will teach me to log out of the game server before I go to bed.
  3. [TdS] Squad Server LIVE!

    Its very disheartening Neg when your getting nailed by an AK from the other side of the map. Let alone the endless grenade launchers! I understand its in alpha but they could have at least coordinated anti-cheat software to coincide with the release of the game. Its not just my opinion. I have had a go on many servers and it is the general opinion of many many players. Just spoils my attempt at having a half decent game. My thoughts are mine alone and have not meant to influence other players opinions on the game.
  4. Help with Arma 3 Please

    Hi huys (Marshy, Mental) Could I please have a little help with Arma 3. No server will let me join, sais Bad version or something like that. A while ago Mental showed me how to add all the mods into the game but I forgot how or where to do it. I remember I had to put @ all_in_arma_terrain, @ Cup_weapons, etc, etc but I forget how or were to do this. Any help much appreciated as I now have no game to play and getting a little bored. Dave (psycho)
  5. [TdS] Squad Server LIVE!

    Thanks for that Tbone
  6. [TdS] Squad Server LIVE!

    How do you get a refund??? I would also like a refund!
  7. AMD Phenom II 955 Overclocked

    COOOL! I am going to go out and buy some liquid nitrogen and helium so I can run Arma3 on Ultra! :-P Why do people even bother with this. Like we are ever going to run at these temps anyway.
  8. Exile Update

    I doubt Arma 3 server will be back mate.
  9. [TdS] Squad Server LIVE!

    Looks like A2 DayZ is it now. Good for all the young fellas I guess.
  10. [TdS] Squad Server LIVE!

    Squad is not what its cracked up to be. Waste of $55 imo. To many bugs and more hackers than genuine players. BOL running a server with so many hacks. Was on a Sydney server today and Admin kicked 9 hackers. Hmmm that's what we have to look forward to.
  11. [TdS] tavi server

    That's called "Alcohol Abuse" !!!
  12. [TdS] tavi server

    I am sure most of your life you would be used to people needing to be patient with you Marshy!!
  13. [TdS] Squad Server LIVE!

    its not bad neg. Takes some getting used to. They could have made distinguishing between enemy and friendly a little better. I know its based on realism but hey its still only a game.
  14. [TdS] Squad Server LIVE!

    Ok. So were are the TdS Squad players??? Been playing for the last cple a days and not seen 1 of you. Been in the server couple of times but gets a little lonely by ones self! Not seen you Philf.
  15. [TdS] Squad Server LIVE!

    Yeah was good fun. I am hearing you with the glasses prescription also. I couldn't see the enemy although they saw me extremely easy. That map was difficult with dense terrain. I played on a desert map last night and was a hell of allot easier Glenno. Get to know the maps could be the secret for us older gents with failing eyesight! Also hard with all members using squad comms at the same time. Becomes a big vocal mess.