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  1. PVE Server Shut Down

    Thanks guys
  2. Server Suggestions

    Thanks Jim
  3. Server Suggestions

    Hi Jim, Tested my Mi-24P and found all to be safely working with one exception. The FAB 250 Bombs are still drawing the attention of BattleEYE resulting in an expensive boot. Cheers
  4. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    I was just on, a lot more variety and seemed to be an increase in frequency. Thanks Jim
  5. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    To be more specific I don't see these missions anymore - Drone Plane - Farm - Propaganda tower (not sure if this name is correct) And the most popular of all the Gem tower. I'm sure i have forgotten some, but a reintroduction of some of these missions (if possible) would be a positive for the PVE server. Thats just my opinion Thanks
  6. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    I have noticed a big reduction in black miisions in the last handful of weeks. I played for a few hours this afternoon and saw only 1 solid red mission,no blacks & 2 only bombs in the 2 hours i was on. Apart from that they were all red checkered missions ural,medical an2 cargo etc. With 3 to 4 active players on the map with this mission type and count, you soon run out of stuff 2 do. Basically missions quantity and quality is down from my previous experiences on this server.
  7. PVE without the E - FIXED!

    I have noticed the same Tana, the mission count and variety have changed(not for the better) imo since the server provider changed. Just my 2c

    That's a bugger, i miss the ai. Thanks again for the work you guys put in.
  9. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    Hero camp 2 is actually a bandit camp....cant use it Saying my "humanity is too high"

    Nice one Jim, good changes.....thanks.
  11. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    9am restart fixxed thye problem
  12. PVE EPOCH 1.0.6 - ISSUES

    PVE server is stuck on "wait for host" screen....anyone else seeing this?