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  1. Ban Appeal - Johny

    Thanks anyway, sorry for wasting your time then.
  2. Ban Appeal - Johny

    Unable to join TS, still banned. Edit: I will come on the server and talk if need be, busy for a few mins right now though. Edit 2: I also cant join the server
  3. BAN APPEAL for Johny Date: 28/4/2017 Time Approx: 8.45PM [TdS] Server: [TdS] Overpoch Cherno Map: [TdS] Chernarus Overpoch Server PVP AND PVE Nad Teamspeak Player Name: Johny Reason: HACKER Spawning as50 tws in Read Rules: Yes Additional Comments: This is my ban post. It seems there has been a mistake, first of all im not sure if i even played on Tds on this date as well as the fact that I don't cheat. Unsure if maybe there is another Johny and I was mistaken for him? I don't play very often anymore but I did play a bit when the AFK clan was here, anyway i enjoy coming on from time to time. Thanks for reading anyway it goes! Also if this ban was made while that Johny was playing on the server, then I can be sure It was another Johny as I didn't have a ban message on the server untill I looked now. Edit: I tried coming to the TS to talk to you guys as well but Ive been banned from there as well.