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  1. BAN APPEAL for Senpai~ Date: 20/05/2016 Time Approx: 8pm [TdS] Server: [TdS] AU/NZ Exile #1 Map: Altis i think Player Name: Senpai~ Reason: Stole in a safe zone Read Rules: Yes Additional Comments: Stole in a safe zone as a troll, went and parked it 200m down the road on arma 3 exile, was going to give it back but old mate said he recorded and was reporting it. My friend said that stealing was ok according to this website. And the guy i stole it off locked me in it in the first place (like 5 minutes before a server restart). Pretty unjust perma ban imo, considering i could literally just tell him where it was after the server restarted or the admin just spawn a new one for him. So to end the long story TDS Exodus said i had to appeal so here i am. Please consider and understand will not do again didnt realize the server was this strict, my mistake.