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  1. Need some testing on my new website.

    Looks awesome! From what I can see the site is using Bootstrap? This is currently the way to go when building sites for cross platform usability. There are a few issues like I would change the colour of the 'onhover' on the home page to be even darker than it is, it blends into much with the images and is hard to see. The 'Get in touch' button/link on the home page is dead and redirects to 'Not Found' page. The vendor page has a link back to stories? but to get there you cant go from the stories page not really an issue but may want to make it a 'back to home' button instead. (this could also be on all pages / galleries) like the 'back to top arrow' could also include next to it 'back to home' button. on the pricing page there is a spelling mistake with - "learn more 'sbout' our services" put an 'a' on it Ill have a real proper look when I get more time but so far so good.