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  1. Still Alive

    :Guten Tag! I'm still alive. I grad in June. Sooooooooooooooooo close now. See you all soon! Ritt
  2. Can we play more battlefield pls

    I like you, BF seems dead
  3. Man i'm going to lose alot of time to this game when it comes out.... Cool vid Mental
  4. Racing Drones

    That was the coolest thing I have watched this week by far! That was incredible
  5. Vivid Sydney Time-lapse

    Compot, you should post some of your vividsydney to Facebook
  6. Vivid Sydney Time-lapse

    Very cool!
  7. Scrim Challenge

    More people to test our skills upon. Glück! I am keen!
  8. AMD - The Master Plan

    That was a really awesome watch. Danke,
  9. RE: Forum eMail addresses

    "THEIR" you're welcome, I love you Marshy
  10. 9th of May

    neechivor, Happy Victory Day,
  11. Tax Time Build

    Hola, Guten Tag, Добрый день So my old boy's laptop died. Thought I would use it as a perfect reason to get myself a new PC and hand-me-down my current one to him. What to build, what to buildd..... I have a fair idea what I want. Love to hear your thoughts. I'd say if I drop 2.5k it should see me out for another 5+ years. Do your best.
  12. Racing Drones

    Neg Check this out dude:
  13. Tax Time Build

    Thanks for the case Neg, pretty cool if I do say so myself. Thanks also Sip for the heads up on the GPU's, might mean that the current cards will have a price drop!!
  14. Tax Time Build

    Hi guys! Trying to keep some traction with this post. Throw your ideas at me!
  15. Tax Time Build

    Thanks for the list Compot! Nice to see where peoples heads are at. Thanks to Mazte for the link.. in the 10 years of building PC's ive not come across something like that before. Keep the posts comming guys!
  16. G'day.

    Maybe you find some top blokes here.... Me, Yes I am one of the aforementioned top blokes. Mungus using the ACE.... not a top bloke Mac using smoke and claymores.... also not a top bloke. Easty when he hasn't had beers..... also not a top bloke. When CoMpOt uses any gun..... he then turns into not a top bloke... I mean the list goes on... Wait, Also when Neg uses a shotgun.... not a top bloke. There is an exception to this rule... If all of the people above are on your team..... Then they are the best blokes getting around. (y)
  17. Battlefield 5 Teaser Trailer expected to launch today!

    Looks like some awesome news is coming up soon!
  18. Discord a Teamspeak replacement

    Thanks for sharing Mute
  19. Racing Drones

    I already have my finger in to many different hobbies... got no cash for drone. IT would be very cool though. If you're interested, check out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiVmHW7d57ICmEf9WGIp1CA I've been following these guys since they came out, shows some very good operators
  20. A TDS Minecraft server.

    That would be cool
  21. BF4 - AthenaNovera BANNED for Admin Abuse

    nicht sehr gut.
  22. Hello Team Dedicated Soldiers!

    Hola! Como estas!
  23. Netcode state in Rainbow 6 Siege

    pretty interesting video
  24. Hello, Hallo, Здравствуй

    Hey Folkes, Got my Tags last night. pretty stoked about that. I'm Jim (Ritterlichkeit, Ritter, Ritt), I'm a 23 y/o IT Manager. I work full time, Uni part time externally. It's been pretty great kicking back with you guys playing and carrying on. See you online! Ritt