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  1. Eastwig" post="33123" timestamp="1461985812"]

    Welcome Enormous, some top blokes around here. Have fun.

    Maybe you find some top blokes here.... Me, Yes I am one of the aforementioned top blokes.

    Mungus using the ACE.... not a top bloke

    Mac using smoke and claymores.... also not a top bloke.

    Easty when he hasn't had beers..... also not a top bloke.

    When CoMpOt uses any gun..... he then turns into not a top bloke...

    I mean the list goes on... Wait,

    Also when Neg uses a shotgun.... not a top bloke.

    There is an exception to this rule...

    If all of the people above are on your team..... Then they are the best blokes getting around.


  2. Hola, Guten Tag, Добрый день

    So my old boy's laptop died. Thought I would use it as a perfect reason to get myself a new PC and hand-me-down my current one to him.

    What to build, what to buildd..... I have a fair idea what I want. Love to hear your thoughts. I'd say if I drop 2.5k it should see me out for another 5+ years.

    Do your best.