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  1. Hello, Hallo, Здравствуй

    Welcome post turned polygot thread.
  2. Current Server Outage

    Thanks for the update fellas
  3. Graphics Card Crashing with BF4

    Hallo Leute! So most of you now would have experienced playing BF4 with me. Getting to a critical defend or push "part" of the match when my graphics card dies. In Computer Management (compmgmt.msc) the error I get is : Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered. What to do from here? Well, I've updated the drivers, Cleaned the dust on the inside incase of heat issues, cleaned the GPU, monitored the GPU core clock, GPU memory clock and Temp....fanspeed.... all of it. I downloaded EVGA's precision 16X, upped the fan speed. (thinking heating was the issue) I've installed new another new fan in the case, bringing it to a total of 7 fans. I even used a mates smoke machine to ensure that the 7 fans weren't conflicting with each other, creating warm zones. I'm now taking suggestions from the crowd on how to not have my graphics card crash. Bis Später, Ritt
  4. Graphics Card Crashing with BF4

    Yea thanks Sip, I'v used the guru3d tool before on client machines. Never on my own as I'v never really had a problem with my unit. the GTX670 card is getting on, but it's not prehistoric or anything... I'll jump around on some forums and see what drivers people reckon. Cheers, Ritt
  5. Graphics Card Crashing with BF4

    thanks for the tip Sip, Is there any particular driver revision I should go back to? Or is this a more trail and error type of deal? Ritt
  6. Graphics Card Crashing with BF4

    Forgot to mention, all BF4 settings are on the "LOW" setting.
  7. BF4 server maps and rotation.

    After playing CS for soooo long, I really don't mind if it's the same map over and over. Or if it's rotated. I think mixing the modes up is important to keep it fresh. It forces people to play differently based on the objective and strategise/plan more effectively. I'm not overly in love with any particular map, and I don't hate any particular map. Obviously some have their "good sides" and "bad side" but that's just the way the cookie crumbles some time. Personally I love capping off my night with Gun Game. I freaking love Gun Game. Any map, any place, Gun Game is cool. (even though Compot wins all the time) Cheers, Ritt